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Get real-time insights from all types of time series data with InfluxDB. Ingest, query, and analyze billions of data points in real-time with unbounded cardinality.
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Awesome Go Weekly » 422

Top Stories
  • Scaling Backend to 1M requests with just 2GB ram ⚡️
  • Why People are Angry over Go 1.23 Iterators
  • Caesar, a Go web framework designed for productivity


A maroto way to create PDFs. Maroto is inspired in Bootstrap and uses gofpdf. Fast and simple.
Featured Package // Category Template Engines


On testing Go code using the standard library

Article Popular Story // henvic.dev


Code signing and transparency for containers and binaries
Featured Package // Category Zero Trust

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The One CD for All {applications, platforms, operations}
Featured Package

Caesar, a Go web framework designed for productivity

Article Popular Story // www.caesar.rocks

Why People are Angry over Go 1.23 Iterators

Article Popular Story // www.gingerbill.org

Sqlc: 2024 check in

Article Popular Story // brandur.org


A simple, semantic and developer-friendly golang package for time
Featured Package // Category Date & Time


Starter-kit for writing services in Go using Kubernetes.
Featured Package // Category Project Layout


Fast and lightweight DNS proxy as ad-blocker for local network with many features
Featured Package // Category Other Software


The enterprise-ready webhooks service 🦀
Featured Package // Category Web Frameworks

Hackers Delight in Go

Library Popular Story // github.com

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Awesome Go Weekly » 421

Top Stories
  • Go evolves in the wrong direction
  • Putting Go's Context package into context
  • Reading Google Sheets from a Go program

AWS Encryption SDK for Go

AWS Encryption SDK for Go
Featured Package // Category Third-party APIs

Made a pretty challenging quiz on Go concepts

Article Popular Story // us.idyllic.app


Pomerium is an identity and context-aware reverse proxy for zero-trust access to web applications and services.
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools


Testcontainers for Go is a Go package that makes it simple to create and clean up container-based dependencies for automated integration/smoke tests. The clean, easy-to-use API enables developers to programmatically define containers that should be run as part of a test and clean up those resources when the test is done.
Featured Package // Category Testing

Go evolves in the wrong direction

Article Popular Story // valyala.medium.com


An email and SMTP testing tool with API for developers
Featured Package // Category Email

Putting Go's Context package into context

Article Popular Story // blog.meain.io