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  • v1.28.0 Changes

    August 17, 2017

    Feature, Performance improvements and bug fix release.

    • New Features

      • Added Client.Stats() method to get client's internal statistics.
      • Added Policy.SocketTimeout to differentiate between network timeouts and the total transaction timeouts.
      • Support policy.IncludeBinData for queries. Only for servers that support this feature.
      • Minor documentation updates.
      • Return key not found exception (instead of returning nil record) for Operate() command where operations include a write.
    • Improvements

      • Close the tend connection when closing node connections.
      • Added Connection finalizer to make sure all connections are closed eventually.
      • Automatically retry failed info requests on async tasks before returning an error.
      • Updated build instructions for the benchmark tool.
      • Make digest_modulo test deterministic.
      • Relax predexp_modulo test a bit to avoid occasional failures.
    • Fixes

      • Indirect CAS ops to prevent the compiler from optimizing them out.
      • Return errors instead of nil.
  • v1.27.0 Changes

    April 25, 2017

    Feature, Performance improvements and bug fix release.

    • New Features

      • Added BatchGetObjects method.
      • Added Exponential Backoff by introducing BasePolicy.SleepMultiplier. Only Values > 1.0 are effective. PR #192, thanks to Venil Noronha
    • Improvements

      • Packer tries to see if it can use generic data types before using reflection.
      • Operations, including CDTs do not allocate a buffer anymore, unless reused.
    • Incompatible changes:

      • BinName and BinValue are not exported in Operation anymore. These fields shouldn't have been used anyway since Operations used to cache their internal command.
    • Fixes

  • v1.26.0 Changes

    April 05, 2017

    Feature, Performance improvements and bug fix release.

    • New Features

      • Predicate API is supported (for server v3.12+)
      • Added Truncate method to quickly remove all data from namespaces or sets (for server v3.12+).
      • Support ScanPolicy.ServerSocketTimeout (for server v3.12+).
      • Support ClientPolicy.IgnoreOtherSubnetAliases to ignore hosts from other subnets. PR #182, thanks to wedi-dev
    • Improvements

      • Added a lot of predefined generic slice and map types in NewValue method to avoid hitting reflection as much as possible.
      • Fix go vet complaints.
    • Fixes

      • Allow streaming commands (scan/query/aggregation) to retry unless the error occurs during parsing of the results. Fixes issue #187
      • Use net.JoinHostPort to concatinate host and port values instead of doing it directly. Fixes some issues in IPv6 connection strings.
      • Improved initial Tend run.
      • Fixes cluster-name checking bug.
  • v1.25.1 Changes

    March 08, 2017

    Hot fix release. Updating the client is recommended.

    • Fixes

      • Fixed an issue where errors in Scan/Query unmarshalling would be duplicated and could cause a deadlock.
  • v1.25.0 Changes

    February 28, 2017

    Performance improvements and fix release.

    • Improvements

      • Check tend duration and compare it to tend interval, and warn the user if tend takes longer than tend interval.
      • Seed the cluster concurrently, and return as soon as any of the seeds is validated.
      • Tend the cluster concurrently. Allows use of very big clusters with no delay.
      • Partitions the connection queue to avoid contention.
      • Cluster partition map is merged from all node fragments and updated only once per tend to reduce contention to absolute minimum.
    • Fixes

      • Fixed an issue where a valid but unreachable seed could timeout and stall connecting and tending the cluster..
      • Fix result code comments.
  • v1.24.0 Changes

    January 11, 2017

    Minor feature and fix release.

    • New Features

      • TLS/SSL connections are now officially supported.
      • Added Role/Privilege API.
    • Improvements

      • Return a client-side error when no ops are passed to the operate command.
      • Export error attribute in NodeError
      • Do not attempt to refresh peers if it is not supported by the nodes.
    • Fixes

      • Use namespace default-ttl for tests instead of assuming 30d
      • Always drain scan connections after parsing the records.
      • Fix panic in GetObject() if all bins in result is nil. PR #172, thanks to Hamper
      • Fix WritePolicy usage with UDF. PR #174, thanks to Bertrand Paquet
      • Close connection right when it has an io error and don't wait for the caller.
  • v1.23.0 Changes

    December 20, 2016

    Minor feature and fix release.

    • New Features

      • Exposes the internal client.Cluster object to the users.
      • Added New API for high-performance complex data type packing, and removed the old API.
    • Improvements

      • Only update the partition map if the partition generatio has changed.
      • Use tend connection for user management commands.
      • Marks LargeList as deprecated. Use CDT methods instead.
      • Always validate the message header to avoid reading the remainder of other command buffers.
      • Removes GeoJson from key helper.
      • Improves tend algorthm to allow complete disconnection from the cluster if none of the clusters are accessible.
      • PutObject method will now accept objects as well. PR #156, thanks to Sarath S Pillai
    • Fixes

      • Do not attemp to add a node which were unaccessible to avoid panic.
      • Fix invalid connectionCount. PR #168, thanks to Jun Kimura
      • Fixes minor bug that didn't return the error on reading from the connection during scans.
  • v1.22.0 Changes

    November 29, 2016

    Hot fix release. Please upgrade if you have been using other aerospike clients with your database parallel to Go.

    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where short strings in Lists and Maps wouldn't unpack correctly. Resolves #161.
  • v1.21.0 Changes

    November 16, 2016

    Minor fix release.

    • New Features

      • Added new constants for expiration in WritePolicy: TTLServerDefault, TTLDontExpire, TTLDontUpdate
    • Improvements

      • Corrects typos in the code. PR #142, thanks to Muyiwa Olurin
      • Use the tend connection for RequestInfo commands.
    • Fixes

      • Fixes an issue where TTL values were calcualted wrongly when they were set not to expire.
      • Fixes an issue where PutObjects would marshal []byte to List in database. PR #152, thanks to blide
      • Fixes an issue where Recordset could leak goroutines. PR #153, thanks to Deepak Prabhakara
  • v1.20.0 Changes

    October 25, 2016

    Major improvements release. There has been major changes in the library. Please test rigorously before upgrading to the new version.

    • New Features

      • Let user define the desired tag for bin names in structs using SetAerospikeTag function.
      • Added as_performance build tag to avoid including the slow convenience API which uses reflections in the client code. To use this feature, you should include -tags="as_performance" when building your project.

      NOTICE: Keep in mind that your code may not compile using this flag. That is by design.

    • Improvements

      • Added special packer for map[string]interface{} in NewValue method.
      • Avoid allocating memory for Map and List values.
      • Allocate commands on the stack to avoid heap allcations.
      • Avoid allocating memory for packer.
      • Avoid Allocating memory in computeHash for keys.
      • Avoid allocating memory in Ripe160MD digest.
      • Removed BufferPool and moved buffers to Connection objects to remove lock contention.
      • Added ListIter and MapIter interfaces to support passing Maps and Lists to the client without using reflection.