aptly v1.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-07-05 // 7 months ago
  • 🚀 This is regular release of aptly.

    GnuPG 2.x compatibility

    👍 aptly should support transparently GnuPG 1.x and 2.x via gpg PGP provider. Internal PGP provider only supports GnuPG 1.x keyring format (as openpgp Go library doesn't support GnuPG 2.1+ kerying format).

    • aptly can sign and verify without issues with GnuPG 1.x and 2.x
    • aptly auto-detects GnuPG version and adapts accordingly
    • aptly automatically finds suitable GnuPG version

    🔧 Configuration parameter gpgProvider now supports three values for GnuPG:

    • 0️⃣ gpg (same as before, default): use GnuPG 1.x if available (checks gpg, gpg1), otherwise uses GnuPG 2.x; for aptly users who already have GnuPG 1.x environment (as it was the only supported version) nothing should change; new users might start with GnuPG 2.x if that's their installed version
    • gpg1 looks for GnuPG 1.x only, fails otherwise
    • gpg2 looks for GnuPG 2.x only, fails otherwise

    (#779 and related issues)

    👌 Support for mirroring non-package installer files

    🆕 New -with-installer flag was introduced for aptly mirror create. When updating and publishing mirror it will include installer files.


    Repo include API

    📦 aptly repo include command is now available via included packages from uploaded directory API.


    🐎 Performance improvements

    🐎 Performance improvements around loading collections of snapshots, mirrros, repos, etc. Now aptly does lazy loading which should improve both performance and memory footprint, which should be noticeable in commands which load whole contents of the db (aptly db cleanup).

    (#762, #765, #766)

    🔄 Changes

    🏗 aptly is now build with Go 1.12, support for Go 1.9 was dropped (#842)

    Stanza.WriteTo: Sort extra fields alphabetically (#803)

    👌 Support for non-armored detached signatures (#780, #773)

    🚀 Nightly builds, release builds moved to Travis CI and fully automated.

    🛠 Bugfixes

    🚚 Don't remove API file socket if it exists and usable (#806, #807)

    🛠 Fix apt-file on newer distributions to work with aptly-published repositories (#756, #760)


    📦 Debian packages and binary distributions for various platforms are available at https://www.aptly.info/download/

Previous changes from v1.3.0

  • 🚀 This is regular release of aptly.

    👌 Support for "legacy" Contents indexes

    📦 Ubuntu up to and including 16.04 is using "old" layout for Contents indexes for package repositories, while Debian has already switched to the new layout. Now aptly generates both "old" and "new" Contents indexes to allow apt-file to work with repositories published with Ubuntu <= 16.04 (#667, #729)

    Fall back to gpg1

    0️⃣ aptly has two ways to sign published repositories: via external gpg command and using internal openpgp provider. Both of them support only GPG v1.x. To make it easier to support modern systems with GPG 2.x being installed by default, aptly tries to find GPG v1.x distribution by attempting to launch gpg1 binary if gpg is version 2.x (#734).

    🔄 Changes

    🚚 aptly repository has been moved to the org aptly-dev, and it's now being maintained by a team (https://github.com/orgs/aptly-dev/teams/maintainers/members)

    repo.aptly.info repository key has been rotated (#717)

    ⬆️ AWS SDK & other libraries were upgraded (#728)

    Speed up Contents indexes generation (#707)

    👍 aptly binaries are built with Go 1.10, aptly drops support for Go 1.7

    Shell completion function for zsh was added to the repo (#703)

    🛠 Bugfixes

    🛠 Fix error message truncating endpoint name in aptly publish drop (#711, #713)

    🛠 Fix Acquire-by-Hash index cleanup (#705, #706)

    🛠 Fix setting Acquire-by-Hash in the publishing API (#696)

    🛠 Fix Acquire-by-Hash in S3 publishing mode (#692, #697)

    🛠 Fix data race in API mode (#686, #688)

    🛠 Fix reading of long fields in Package stanzas (#738)


    📦 Debian packages and binary distributions for various platforms are available at https://www.aptly.info/download/