Benthos v3.60.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-12-03 // about 2 months ago
  • 🛠 Fixed

    • 🛠 Fixed an issue where the mongodb output would incorrectly report upsert not allowed on valid operators.

Previous changes from v3.60.0

  • ➕ Added

    • 👍 The pulsar input and output now support oauth2 and token authentication mechanisms.
    • 📇 The pulsar input now enriches messages with more metadata.
    • Fields message_group_id, message_deduplication_id, and metadata added to the aws_sns output.
    • Field upsert added to the mongodb processor and output.

    🛠 Fixed

    • The schema_registry_encode and schema_registry_decode processors now honour path prefixes included in the url field.
    • The mqtt input and output keepalive field is now interpreted as seconds, previously it was being erroneously interpreted as nanoseconds.
    • 🔀 The header Content-Type in the field http_server.sync_response.headers is now detected in a case insensitive way when populating multipart message encoding types.
    • The nats_jetstream input and outputs should now honour auth.* config fields.