Simple tool written in go to assist project creation from boilerplates with go text/templates

This tool can help in the create of new projects with a template project structure and also to generate units by configuring generators

Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v0.0.3

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Simple tool written in go to assist project creation from boilerplates with go text/templates

This tool can help in the create of new projects with a template project structure and also to generate units by configuring generators

Follow this walkthrough to create a simple boilerplate



go get github.com/gohxs/boiler/cli/bp

Basic usage:

bp create boilerplate/path proj1


bp create http://github.com/gohxs/boiler-example-boilerplate proj1
cd proj1
bp add gofile example.go

Bash autocompletion

generating bash completion file

bp --bashcompletion=bp.sh

place result file bp.sh in ~/.bash_completion or any bash_completion.d folder in OS

bp app sould be in $PATH

boilerplate structure example:

├── .boiler
│   ├── config.yml
│   └── templates
│       ├── controller
│       │   ├── pkg.go.boiler
│       │   └── pkg_test.go.boiler
│       ├── gofile.go.boiler
│       └── pure.txt
├── hello.go.boiler
├── README.md.boiler
└── staticfile.txt
File: .boiler/config.yml
description: description text
  - {name: var1,...}
    description: generator description
    aliases: [alias1,alias2]
    files: {source: source, target: target}
    vars: {name: var1,...}
  name2: ...


  • description description of the overall boilerplate usually show on creation
  • vars variables to be used in further templates
  • generators list of generator objects

var object - can be used in init or inside a generator:

  • name Name of variable, this name will be subsituted in {{.varname}}
  • default Default value for variable
  • flag Flag in command line (currently for generator only)
  • question Text to display when running interactively

generator object describes a unit creation

  • description - description of generator, generally used in cli help
  • aliases - Array containing aliases while calling bp add [name/aliases] if a name or alias contains a dot (e.g .txt) it will be matches while calling 'bp add file.txt'
  • files - Array of File objects {source, target} files used as source to be copied to destination
  • vars - vars describing either flag/user input these will be used in templates

[Sample file](cli/bp/_test/boilerplate/.boiler/config.yml) Used in test

create command
Create new project from a boilerplate

  bp create [repository/source] [projname] [flags]

  create, c

  -h, --help   help for create

Considering source boilerplate example: .boiler folder contains the config.yml and templates for unit creations, its not necessary to have this folder to create a project

all *.boiler files outside .boiler folder will be processed through templates and extension will be removed in this example a hello.go.boiler will become hello.go but gofile.go.boiler inside .boiler folder will remain the same

$ bp create ./boiler-example proj
Loading boilerplate from boiler-example
______       ___________
___  /__________(_)__  /____________
__  __ \  __ \_  /__  /_  _ \_  ___/
_  /_/ / /_/ /  / _  / /  __/  /
/_.___/\____//_/  /_/  \___//_/.
Test boilerplate for boiler cli app

Ask something about author [author] (No author)? Luis Figueiredo
Ask something about description [description] (Awesome app)?
Generating project...
Created project: proj proj

Result tree

├── .boiler
│   ├── config.yml
│   ├── templates
│   │   ├── controller
│   │   │   ├── pkg.go.boiler
│   │   │   └── pkg_test.go.boiler
│   │   ├── gofile.go.boiler
│   │   └── pure.txt
│   └── user.yml
├── hello.go
├── README.md
└── staticfile.txt

user.yml was added with initialization vars prompted to user and will be used in unit generators

Analysing README.md.boiler and checking with result:

Project {{.projName}}
{{.projDate.Format "02-01-2006"}}

Author: {{.author}}

Project variables
{{range $k, $v := .}}{{$k}} = {{$v}} 


Project proj

Author: Luis Figueiredo

Project variables
author = Luis Figueiredo 
description = Awesome app 
projDate = 2017-07-28 18:57:07.95796051 +0000 UTC 
projName = proj 

add command
Add a file based on boilerplate generator

  bp add [file] [flags]
  bp add [command]

  add, a

Available Commands:

  -h, --help   help for add

Use "bp add [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Available commands are specific for each project, it will list the generators available on the project

While inside our new created project

bp add gofile other.go

Considering that we have vars in the generator gofile, these will be requested or fetched by flags from user:


package name of the new file [package] (proj)?
Generating file: .../proj/other.go

Using flags:

bp add gofile other.go --package proj

Special case .ext: With a special alias in the generator we can create files based on extension

    aliases: [.go]
    description: Creates a go file based on template

basically using the command as bp add myfile.go is the same as bp add gofile myfile.go bp checks the extension of desired file .go and fetches a generator with that name/alias

init command new 31-07-2017
Initialize .boiler in current dir

  bp init [name] [flags]

  init, i

  -h, --help   help for init

This command will prepare the current folder with boiler files

  • .boiler/config.yml
  • .boiler/user.yml

NOTE: the command will fail if the current folder is a child of a boiler project (i.e any parent contains .boiler/config.yml)

generators command new 31-07-2017
generators related commands

  bp generators [command]

Available Commands:
  fetch       Fetch generators from other boilerplates
  list        List generators of the current boilerplate

  -h, --help   help for generators

Use "bp generators [command] --help" for more information about a command.

this will show a list of the current project available generators (usefull for bash completion)


$ bp generators list

Fetch allows you to fetch generators and source files from other repositories without having to init a whole new project

Fetch generators from other boilerplate

  bp generators fetch [boilerplate/project] [generator name] <local name> [flags]

  -h, --help   help for fetch


$ bp init projname
$ bp fetch http://github.com/gohxs/boiler-example-boilerplate gofile 

boiler now has the hability of generating "gofile" bp add gofile myfile

Behaviour changes

  • projects/boilerplates now works with both folder proj/.boiler and proj/boiler


  • [ ] Recursive generator, if a generator is not found in near boiler we keep looking down the path
  • [ ] Facilitate way to create new generators from command instead of editing config.yml bp generator create name
    • [ ] Add files to generator `bp generator file sourcefile.ext
    • [ ] Add vars to generator bp generator var name --question "" --default ""
  • [ ] Add more test cases within boiler (currently there is tests on cli)
  • [X] Remove global core from boiler and use it on cmd/main
  • [X] Clone generators only from other project/boilerplates bp generators fetch
  • [X] Improve package naming of core
  • [X] Create init command which initializes a boiler folder in current work dir
    • [ ] Create commands to add variables to initialization
  • [X] Ability to fetch generators from other projects (NEW 2017-07-30)
  • [X] Add examples and usecases