Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Latest version: v1.2.5

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Logo bombardier is a HTTP(S) benchmarking tool. It is written in Go programming language and uses excellent fasthttp instead of Go's default http library, because of its lightning fast performance.

With bombardier v1.1 and higher you can now use net/http client if you need to test HTTP/2.x services or want to use a more RFC-compliant HTTP client.

Tested on go1.8 and higher.


You can grab binaries in the releases section. Alternatively, to get latest and greatest run:

Go 1.17+: go install github.com/codesenberg/bombardier@latest

Older versions: go get -u github.com/codesenberg/bombardier


bombardier [<flags>] <url>

For a more detailed information about flags consult GoDoc.

Known issues

AFAIK, it's impossible to pass Host header correctly with fasthttp, you can use net/http(--http1/--http2 flags) to workaround this issue.


Example of running bombardier against this server:

> bombardier -c 125 -n 10000000 http://localhost:8080
Bombarding http://localhost:8080 with 10000000 requests using 125 connections
 10000000 / 10000000 [============================================] 100.00% 37s Done!
Statistics        Avg      Stdev        Max
  Reqs/sec    264560.00   10733.06     268434
  Latency      471.00us   522.34us    51.00ms
  HTTP codes:
    1xx - 0, 2xx - 10000000, 3xx - 0, 4xx - 0, 5xx - 0
    others - 0
  Throughput:   292.92MB/s

Or, against a realworld server(with latency distribution):

> bombardier -c 200 -d 10s -l http://ya.ru
Bombarding http://ya.ru for 10s using 200 connections
[=========================================================================] 10s Done!
Statistics        Avg      Stdev        Max
  Reqs/sec      6607.00     524.56       7109
  Latency       29.86ms     5.36ms   305.02ms
  Latency Distribution
     50%    28.00ms
     75%    32.00ms
     90%    34.00ms
     99%    48.00ms
  HTTP codes:
    1xx - 0, 2xx - 0, 3xx - 66561, 4xx - 0, 5xx - 0
    others - 5
    dialing to the given TCP address timed out - 5
  Throughput:     3.06MB/s