bombardier v1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-12-04 // almost 4 years ago
  • 🆕 New in v1.1

    • Rate limiting:
      Now you can limit RPS by specifying desired upper limit. This is done via --rate (short: -r) flag.
    • Switchable client:
      0️⃣ You can choose between fasthttp's and Go's default HTTP client. Relevant flags are:
      0️⃣ --fasthttpfasthttp's implementation of HTTP client (default)
      --http1 — Go's HTTP client with HTTP/2.x disabled
      --http2 — Go's HTTP client that will use HTTP/2.x, whether it's possible
    • Body from file:
      In some (most? many?) cases it's super inconvenient to paste request's body into the console, so now you can use --body-file (short: -f) flag to read it from file or add --stream (short: -s) flag to stream it from file system.
    • ⏱ Stats implementation has been reworked. This allows use of higher values for --timeout (previously only 10s — max). Also, you can check out new implementation's repo in case you need a goroutine-safe histogram. It's a bit rough, but usable.

    Spread the word

    🚀 If you like the tool I've built (with a little bit of help from @husobee) or this release in particular, feel free to share information about it (via reddit/Twitter/<other social media> post or in private conversation with a friend, anything will do really) or submit bug/feature request or a pull request. This will help me better understand how people use my tool, what issues they are encountering and how we could improve things.