Programming language: Go
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Web Frameworks    

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Bxog is a simple and fast HTTP router for Go (HTTP request multiplexer).

API documentation Go Report Card Mentioned in Awesome Go


An example of using the multiplexer:

package main

import (

    bx "github.com/claygod/Bxog"

// Handlers
func IHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, r *bx.Router) {
    io.WriteString(w, "Welcome to Bxog!")
func THandler(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, r *bx.Router) {
    params := r.Params(req, "/abc/:par")
    io.WriteString(w, "Params:\n")
    io.WriteString(w, " 'par' -> "+params["par"]+"\n")
func PHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, r *bx.Router) {
    // Getting parameters from URL
    params := r.Params(req, "country")
    io.WriteString(w, "Country:\n")
    io.WriteString(w, " 'name' -> "+params["name"]+"\n")
    io.WriteString(w, " 'capital' -> "+params["city"]+"\n")
    io.WriteString(w, " 'valuta' -> "+params["money"]+"\n")
    // Creating an URL string
    io.WriteString(w, "Creating an URL from the current route (This is an example of creating an another URL):\n")
    io.WriteString(w, r.Create("country", map[string]string{"name": "Russia", "city": "Moscow", "money": "rouble"}))

// Main
func main() {
    m := bx.New()
    m.Add("/", IHandler)
    m.Add("/abc/:par", THandler)
    m.Add("/country/:name/capital/:city/valuta/:money", PHandler).
        Id("country"). // For a convinience you can indicate a short ID
        Method("GET")  // It is not necessary to indicate the GET method here as the GET method is used by default but this way is used to set an allowed method

Click URLs:


Necessary changes in the configuration of the multiplexer can be made in the configuration file config.go


Bxog is the fastest router, showing the speed of query processing. Its speed is comparable to the speed of the popular multiplexers: Bone, Httprouter, Gorilla, Zeus. The test is done on a computer with a i3-6320 3.7GHz processor and 8 GB RAM. In short (less time, the better):

  • Bxog 163 ns/op
  • HttpRouter 183 ns/op
  • Zeus 12302 ns/op
  • GorillaMux 14928 ns/op
  • GorillaPat 618 ns/op
  • Bone 47333 ns/op

Detailed benchmark here



  • New - create a new multiplexer
  • Add - add a rule specifying the handler (the default method - GET, ID - as a string to this rule)
  • Start - start the server indicating the listening port
  • Params - extract parameters from URL
  • Create - generate URL of the available options
  • Shutdown - graceful stop the server
  • Stop - aggressive stop the server
  • Test - Start analogue (for testing only)

Example: m := bxog.New() m.Add("/", IHandler)

Named parameters

Arguments in the rules designated route colon. Example route: /abc/:param , where abc is a static section and :param - the dynamic section(argument).

Static files

The directory path to the file and its nickname as part of URL specified in the configuration file. This constants FILE_PREF and FILE_PATH