Caddy v2.0.0-beta6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-14 // 4 months ago
  • 🚀 Caddy 2.0 beta 6 is the next pre-release in the development cycle of Caddy 2 and is the biggest update yet! Some highlights:

    • 🚧 Migrated all WIP and completed enterprise features to open source, including:
      • /config and /id API endpoints, which enable config traversal (selective updates) and exporting current configuration
      • WIP cache plugin for HTTP responses
      • pem_loader plugin, for specifying TLS certs and keys directly in config
      • distributed_stek plugin, for high-performance TLS session resumption in clusters
      • Custom TLS certificate selection policies
      • WIP Starlark handler (embedded scripting language)
    • 🆕 New placeholders for RemoteAddr (client IP, etc.)
    • 🔌 HTTP basic authentication plugin
    • reverse_proxy: Ability to customize ServerName value in TLS handshake to backends
    • reverse_proxy: Dynamic backends using placeholders (variables) in dial address
    • 0️⃣ reverse_proxy: Minor optimization of MaxIdleConnsPerHost default value

    👀 See all commits since beta 4 here.

    ✅ (We tagged beta 5 mid-cycle as a test, but made a mistake with a dependency so we're ignoring that tag.)

    🚀 Be advised that the next beta release may be delayed as we transition a bunch of code to open source and work on a new website and official images/packages.

    🚀 Please remember that Caddy 2 beta releases are not yet feature-complete as development is ongoing, nor are they stable; there are likely to be some breaking changes between tags. We hope you will find ways to use Caddy 2 beta in production and report any issues you find!

    Thank you to all of you who have reported bugs or requested features so far. We've made good progress.

    👀 To learn how to get started, see the README on the v2 branch.

    This is a community effort, so please report bugs, join the discussion, and submit pull requests to be a part of the team!

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