6 Validation packages and projects

  • govalidator

    9.0 0.0 Go
    Validators and sanitizers for strings, numerics, slices and structs.
  • validator

    9.0 7.5 Go
    Go Struct and Field validation, including Cross Field, Cross Struct, Map, Slice and Array diving.
  • ozzo-validation

    7.4 3.0 Go
    Supports validation of various data types (structs, strings, maps, slices, etc.) with configurable and extensible validation rules specified in usual code constructs instead of struct tags.
  • Validate

    4.6 7.1 Go
    Go package for data validation and filtering. support Map, Struct, Form data.
  • Handy Go utilities

    2.6 7.2 Go
    Helpers, Validators and Utilities
  • Password validator library for Go

    0.4 3.8 Go
    Flexible and customizable password validation

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