cayley v0.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-07-03 // about 6 years ago
  • ๐Ÿ— We've spun out of the google namespace, so this is community build number one. There's some good chatter in IRC and places, and expect some notes in the mailing list soon. The project isn't dead, it was just resting.

    ๐Ÿš€ Now that we can add contributors, it's time to tag and build a release as a baseline. There may be some turbulence as some longstanding changes get merged over the next version or two, so before we do that, here are some binaries for people to try out the latest.


    • ๐Ÿ‘ Postgres/SQL backend support
    • โž• Add support for LabelContext() to query the Label field across Quads
    • ๐Ÿ’พ SaveOptional()
    • ๐Ÿ›  Many, many bugfixes

    Full changelog:

    barakmich: Add SaveOptional() to save predicates if they exist, and add the
    dennwc: path: Added SaveOptional
    dennwc: Fix interface conversion in Gremlin
    barakmich: fix build on 1.6 -- more accurate interface conversion
    josephschorr: Make call to `Sprintf` lazy
    barakmich: query/gremlin, graph/path: Add support for querying with labels
    Quentin-M: Fix NPE in SQL initialization
    jzelinskie: dockerfile: fix go install command
    jzelinskie: initial Dockerfile
    barakmich: graph: make quadstore init functions idempotent
    barakmich: Update README to mention Postgres and remove unused trello board
    jzelinskie: add Triple function
    Quentin-M: Fix SLOW DELETEs
    Quentin-M: Fix a deadlock behavior with DELETE transactions
    Quentin-M: Ensure that quads in a transaction are applied in the desired order.
    Quentin-M: Use a Size() estimate for SQL Quadstore when noSizes is enabled.
    barakmich: sql: Combine AND(Fixed, SQL) and fix Save() roundtrips
    barakmich: graph/sql: Use an IN clause when optimizing a fixed iterator
    barakmich: query/gremlin: fix building Or iterator, add test
    barakmich: query/gremlin: Refactor in terms of graph/path
    Quentin-M: Fix NPE in SQL Quadstore
    Quentin-M: Improve Transaction: deduplicate quads, allow adding/removing a quad in the same tx
    barakmich: Fix corners after causing a couple merges
    ds--: Adds exporting capabilities
    barakmich: Add migration tool and use protos in Bolt store
    barakmich: graph: Postgres backend
    sayden: Typo fix when building cayley from scratch
    sayden: Order of parameters when using :a and :d are switched
    Kavec: Refactor for readability
    kortschak: graph/bolt: don't panic on unitialised store
    barakmich: Fixes memstore transaction semantics
    Quentin-M: Make the SQL connection fail-fast
    Quentin-M: Fix NPEs in SQL Next and Contains
    barakmich: Roll the Go version forward on Travis builds (new stable)
    barakmich: Add check for multiple all iterators
    kortschak: internal: move {config,db,http} into internal
    skynet: Update
    neonstalwart: add string comparison to value comparison iterator
    tmlbl: Small REPL Improvements
    igm: Fixed multiplier for position of "label" in case of "po" key entry
    cayleydb: Update
    barakmich: Docs update based on @KamiQuasi #280
    lytics: Use new import path for go-uuid
    jzelinskie: travis.yml: bump appengine dependency
    barakmich: Add transaction (a list of deltas) as a primitive for applying sets oโ€ฆ
    nii236: Widened visualisation box to 100%
    panamafrancis: Added myself to the A+C
    barakmich: Add Save and Has API functions
    Quentin-M: Allow opening a database (bolt, leveldb, mongo) through Go API
    barakmich: Clean up Linkage definition
    allonhadaya: In out predicates
    barakmich: Fix bug where first Bolt iteration ignores deletion
    barakmich: Fix describe in Or iterator
    neonstalwart: collapse 2 iterations into 1 in memstore
    op: Fix nil pointer panic when meta bucket is missing
    barakmich: Fix LevelDB deleted-triple iterator stack overflow bug
    neonstalwart: move cmp to where it's used
    kortschak: graph: remove redundant type
    barakmich: Go API
    heyalexej: update leveldb link and fix some https links in README
    andrew-d: Refactor packages
    andrew-d: Fix TravisCI tests
    andrew-d: Remove deprecated ResultTree API
    Dabaez: Update
    barakmich: Implement the Unique iterator