cayley v0.7.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-11-26 // over 1 year ago
  • 🚀 This release brings multiple stability fixes and adds initial support for cyclic objects to the schema lib.


    🛠 Fixes

    • 🛠 Fix bug when deleted a reinserted quad in KV backends (@3pCode, #747).
    • 🛠 Fix Optional iterator not propagating own tags (@phyrwork, #739).
    • ⚡️ Update BoomFilter to avoid panic (@hypirion, #744).


    • 👍 schema: Support loading and writing objects containing loops (#745, #746).
    • schema: Fix recursive ID lookup in anonymous fields (@phyrwork, #733).
    • 🆕 New Resolver iterator (@phyrwork, #741).
    • ➕ Add RefsOf to BatchQuadStore interface (@phyrwork, #742).

    📌 As always, we expect Go users to pin a specific Cayley version tag with dep.

    Changelog on Github dennwc: iterator: do not drop an error in resolver phyrwork: Implement Resolver iterator ✅ HaraldNordgren: Bump Go versions and use '.x' to always get latest minor versions ⚡️ 3pCode: update test to check all return codes, update variable name. ⚡️ 3pCode: Update authors and contributors 3pCode: Fix bug when deleted a reinserted quad. cristaloleg: Use type-switch 👍 dennwc: schema: support loading objects with loops 📦 dennwc: schema: split schema package into multiple files phyrwork: Add RefsOf to the BatchQuadStore interface 👍 dennwc: schema: support writing structs that contain loops; fix #731 🤡 phyrwork: Fix mock store ValueOf implementation never returning nil ⚡️ hypirion: Update dependency revision on BoomFilters phyrwork: Fix Optional iterator not propagating own tags ✅ s_guozhuming: run tests for a specific backend implementations s_guozhuming: pull image from remote repository if there is not image at local machine barakmich: change order of dep grabbing ⚡️ barakmich: Update pouchdb version ⚡️ barakmich: fix goja dep, update travis lynic: Correct db name using mongo backend (#723) 🛠 phyrwork: Fix Config.idFor() recursive ID lookup in anonymous fields (fixes #732) tooolbox: Begin the Glossary (#728) jtorvald: Added unsigned integer types (#725)

    Special thanks goes to @phyrwork and @3pCode for their contributions.