Centrifugo v2.2.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-29 // 6 months ago
  • 🔀 Centrifugo now uses https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/sockjs-client@1/dist/sockjs.min.js as default SockJS url. This allows Centrifugo to always be in sync with recent v1 SockJS client. This is important to note because SockJS requires client versions to exactly match on server and client sides when using transports involving iframe. Don't forget that Centrifugo has sockjs_url option to set custom SockJS URL to use on server side.

    👌 Improvements:

    • support setting all configuration options over environment variables in format CENTRIFUGO_<OPTION_NAME>. This was available before but starting from this release we will support setting all options over env
    • 🔊 show HTTP status code in logs when debug log level on
    • 👀 option to customize HTTP handler endpoints, see docs
    • 👀 possibility to provide custom key and cert files for GRPC API server TLS, see centrifugo -h for a bunch of new options

    🛠 Fixes:

    • Fix setting presence_disable_for_client and history_disable_for_client on config top level
    • 🛠 Fix Let's Encrypt integration by updating to ACMEv2 / RFC 8555 compilant acme library, see #311

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2.2.5
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2.2
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:latest