Centrifugo v2.5.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-11 // over 1 year ago
  • No backwards incompatible changes here.

    🚀 Starting from this release we begin migration to new offset uint64 client-server protocol field for Publication position inside history stream instead of currently used seq and gen (both uint32) fields. This offset field will be used in Centrifugo v3 by default. This change required to simplify working with history API, and due to this change history API can be later extended with pagination features.

    👉 Our client libraries centrifuge-js, centrifuge-go and centrifuge-mobile were updated to support offset field. If you are using these libraries then you can update centrifuge-js to at least 2.6.0, centrifuge-go to at least 0.5.0 and centrifuge-mobile to at least 0.5.0 to work with the newest client-server protocol. As soon as you upgraded mentioned libraries you can enable offset support without waiting for Centrifugo v3 release with v3_use_offset option:

    { ..."v3\_use\_offset": true}

    👍 All other client libraries except centrifuge-js, centrifuge-go and centrifuge-mobile do not support recovery at this moment and will only work with offset field in the future.

    🚀 It's important to mention that centrifuge-js, centrifuge-go and centrifuge-mobile will continue to work with a server which is using seq and gen fields for recovery until Centrifugo v3 release. With Centrifugo v3 release those libraries will be updated to only work with offset field.

    👉 Command centrifugo genconfig will now generate config file with v3_use_offset option enabled. Documentation has been updated to suggest turning on this option for fresh installations.

    👌 Improvements:

    • 👌 support Redis Streams - radically reduces amount of memory allocations during recovery in large history streams. This also opens a road to paginate over history stream in future releases, see description of new redis_streams option in Redis engine docs
    • 👌 support Redis Cluster, client-side sharding between different Redis Clusters also works, see more in docs
    • 📜 faster HMAC-based JWT parsing
    • 📇 faster Memory engine, possibility to expire history stream metadata (more in docs)
    • 🚀 releases for Centos 8, Debian Buster, Ubuntu Focal Fossa
    • 🆕 new cli-command centrifugo gentoken to quickly generate HMAC SHA256 based connection JWT, see docs
    • 🆕 new cli-command centrifugo checktoken to quickly validate connection JWT while developing application, see docs

    🛠 Fixes:

    • 🛠 fix server side subscriptions to private channels (were ignored before)
    • 🛠 fix channels counter update frequency in server info – this includes how fast channels counter updated in admin web interface (previously num clients and num users updated once in 3 seconds while num channels only once in a minute, now num channels updated once in 3 seconds too)

    🚀 This release based on Go 1.14.x

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2.5.0
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:v2.5
    • 🐳 docker pull centrifugo/centrifugo:latest