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Latest version: v1.7.37

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cmdr is a POSIX-compliant, command-line UI (CLI) library in Golang. It is a getopt-like parser of command-line options, be compatible with the getopt_long command line UI, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX.

We made many enhancements beyond the standard library flag.

There is a fully-functional Options Store (configurations) for your hierarchical configuration dataset too.

The .netCore version Cmdr.Core is available now. And, a cxx version cmdr-cxx was pre-released just now (Happy Spring Festival 2021).


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See our extras:

and Bonus of #cmdr Series:


  • docs (WIP):

  • v1.10.27 (WIP)

  • v1.10.23

    • fix: unknown switch char not an error now
    • imp: refined gen zsh code, and gen shell codes
    • fea: support fish-shell completion generating now
    • fea: added root.RunAsSubCommand, treat 'app' as a synonym of 'app subcmd1 subcmd2'
    • imp/fix/fea: clarify the slice append or replace mode - SetNx & SetNxOverwrite for Option Store
    • fea: added VendorHidden field for when you wanna a never shown flag or command
    • fea: conf package - add Serial, SerialString for CI tool
    • imp: erase man1 folder after --man
    • fix/imp: prints description with color escaped, when multiline
    • fix: restore Match() but with new name MatchAndTest()
    • fix: high-order fn hold the older copy, so pass it by holding a pointer to original variable
    • imp: review most of the tests
    • NOTE: cleanup the deprecated codes [cmd.NewFlagV,cmd.NewFlag, cmd.NewSubCommand, ...]
    • fea: more completion supports
  • v1.10.19

    • temporary build for earlier testing
    • confirmed: backward compatible with go1.12
  • v1.10.13

    • fix/imp: adapt windir to *nix name to fit for generic config file loading
    • fea/imp: improved Aliases algor, support more tmpl var substitute
    • fix: fallback the unknown type as string type
    • fea: add flag to control whether write the changes back to alternative config file or not, WithAlterConfigAutoWriteBack
    • imp: name/desc fields of builtin commands and flags
    • CHANGE: use bgo build-tool now, Makefile thrown
  • v1.10.11

    • fix: setNx bug at last commit
    • fix: send 1.10.10 failure
  • v1.10.9

    • fix: setNx with slices merging
    • fix: aliases might be added to multiple groups
    • fea: secondary config file locations
  • v1.10.8

    • fix/fea/imp: make cmdr aliases subsystem better
  • v1.10.7

    • fix: generate shell may be lost buffered contents on writing to file
  • v1.10.6

    • fix: internal commands and flags has wrong group declarations since last refactored.
    • fea: -o file for generate shell command.
  • v1.10.5

    • fix: logex might crash on a nil skip field
  • v1.10.3

    • last release failed because some deps cannot committed due to weak network
  • v1.10.1

    • move to go1.17 to get a split declaration
    • fix: added the forgotten long-desc field
    • fix: transfer proper log-level to hedzr/log if in debug/trace mode
    • fix/imp: log.ForDir, ForFile
    • fix: log.LeftPad
    • fea: added InvokeCommand to run a sub-command from somewhere
  • v1.10.0

    • fix: toggle-group key not sync while set via envvar
    • imp: speed up by extracting a re compiling code
    • imp: upgrade deps with more enh-helpers from hedzr/log
    • imp: yaml indent size
    • imp: StripOrderPrefix
    • imp/fix: sync debug/trace mode back to hedzr/log
    • fix: options after tail args (positional args) might be ignored
    • fix: ResetOptions not clean up internal hierarchy-list
    • fea: added Checkpoints on Option Store
      you may save and restore multiple checkpoints for cmdr Option Store, so that some temporary changes can be made.
    • fix/imp: --man crashes if manpages not installed - the responding manpage will be generated temporarily and instantly now
    • add GitSummary field into conf package
    • imp: speed up by reduce get worker
    • centralize rxxtOptions to store()
    • flatten backtrace(Flg|Cmd)Names, added dottedPathToCommand
    • NOTE: the phrase wrapped by backtick(```) inDescriptionfield will be extracted asDefaultValuePlaceholder` field automatically, so beware this feature.
    • fea: -vv (dup -v more than once) will print the hidden commands & flags in help screen NOW.
      To take a sight of running fluent generate --help --verbose -verbose.
    • ...
  • More details at [CHANGELOG](./CHANGELOG)



Old README.md: [README.old.md](old/README.old.md)

For Developer

[For Developer](old/Developer.md)

Import cmdr

With go-modules enabled:

import "github.com/hedzr/cmdr"

About the Docker build

Here is a docker build for cmdr/examples/fluent so that you can run it without go building or downloading the release files:

# from Docker Hub:
$ docker run -it --rm hedzr/cmdr-fluent
$ docker run -it --rm hedzr/cmdr-fluent --help

# from Github Packages (please following the guide of GitHub Packages Site):
$ docker run -it --rm docker.pkg.github.com/hedzr/cmdr/cmdr-fluent
$ docker run -it --rm docker.pkg.github.com/hedzr/cmdr/cmdr-fluent --help


  1. [short](./examples/short/README.md)
    simple codes with structured data style.

  2. [demo](./examples/demo/README.md)
    normal demo with external config files.

  3. [wget-demo](./examples/wget-demo/README.md)
    partial-covered for GNU wget.

  4. [fluent](./examples/fluent)
    demostrates how to define your command-ui with the fluent api style.

  5. [ffdemo](./examples/ffdemo)

a demo to show you how to migrate from go flag smoothly.

  1. cmdr-http2
    http2 server with daemon supports, graceful shutdown

  2. awesome-tool
    awesome-tool is a cli app that fetch the repo stars and generate a markdown summary, accordingly with most of awesome-xxx list in github (such as awesome-go).

See Also the examples index: [Examples.md](old/Examples.md) (zh-cn TODO: [Examples.zh-cn.md](old/Examples.zh-cn.md))



Feel free to issue me bug reports and fixes. Many thanks to all contributors.

Thanks to JODL

Thanks to JetBrains for donating product licenses to help develop cmdr jetbrains




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