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License: Apache License 2.0
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Latest version: v1.7.37

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cmdr is a POSIX-compliant, command-line UI (CLI) library in Golang. It is a getopt-like parser of command-line options, be compatible with the getopt_long command line UI, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX.

We made many enhancements beyond the standard library flag.

There is a fully-functional Options Store (configurations) for your hierarchical configuration dataset too.

The .netCore version Cmdr.Core is available now. And, a cxx version cmdr-cxx was pre-released just now (Happy Spring Festival 2021).


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See our extras:

and Bonus of #cmdr Series:


  • docs (WIP):

  • v1.10.50 (FRZ)

    • routine maintenance release
    • upgrade log & logex, update project files and some godoc
  • v1.10.49 (FRZ)

    • NOTE: we declared a go1.18 Module in go.mod.
    • fea: added a missed API: NewAny(defval any)
    • fea: added NewTextVar(defval TextVar) for a given default value which implements encoding.TextMarshaler and encoding.TextUnmarshaler, such as *net.IP, time.Time, and so on.
    • allow parsing a timestamp string with free styles
    • imp: better defaultActionImpl()
    • fea: added a missed API: SetRawOverwrite(key, val)
    • fea: added sbom builtin Command for dumping SBOM (Software Bill Of Materials) Information (no need to install go runtime and run go version -m app) while u build the app with go1.18+
    • fix: ~~debug or its sub-flags can't work as expected sometimes
    • fix: feature default action and FORCE_DEFAULT_ACTION
    • fix: randomizer codes
    • fix: fluent example app
    • using new .editorconfig file and new deps.
  • v1.10.48

    • upgrade yaml.v3 to cut off Dependabot alerts
  • v1.10.47

    • fea: added tiny html code supports for tail-line (cmdr.WithHelpTailLine(line)). > html in Description, Examples works too.
    • more godoc
    • lots of lint and review
    • wrap ioutil/os.ReadFile and similar functions for crossing go111-118, with hedzr/log.dir.ReadFile...
  • v1.10.40

    • imp: parse the flag switch chars better
    • fix: dead-loop for positional args starts with '~/'
    • fea: FORCE_DEFAULT_ACTION for initial time, prints info with builtin defaultAction even if the valid command Action found.
    • imp: improved many godoc and code completion tips
    • imp: lint with golangci-lint now (...).
  • v1.10.35

    • fix nil exception while print error sometimes
  • More details at [CHANGELOG](./CHANGELOG)



Old README.md: [README.old.md](old/README.old.md)

For Developer

[For Developer](old/Developer.md)

Fast Guide

See example-app, examples/, and cmdr-examples

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package main

import (

func main() {

func Entry() {
    root := buildRootCmd()
    if err := cmdr.Exec(root, options...); err != nil {
        log.Fatalf("error occurs in app running: %+v\n", err)

func buildRootCmd() (rootCmd *cmdr.RootCommand) {
    root := cmdr.Root(appName, version).
        // AddGlobalPreAction(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) (err error) {
        //  // cmdr.Set("enable-ueh", true)
        //  return
        // }).
        // AddGlobalPreAction(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) (err error) {
        //  //fmt.Printf("# global pre-action 2, exe-path: %v\n", cmdr.GetExecutablePath())
        //  return
        // }).
        // AddGlobalPostAction(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) {
        //  //fmt.Println("# global post-action 1")
        // }).
        // AddGlobalPostAction(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) {
        //  //fmt.Println("# global post-action 2")
        // }).
        Copyright(copyright, "hedzr").
        Description(desc, longDesc).
    rootCmd = root.RootCommand()

    // for your biz-logic, constructing an AttachToCmdr(root *cmdr.RootCmdOpt) is recommended.
    // see our full sample and template repo: https://github.com/hedzr/cmdr-go-starter
    // core.AttachToCmdr(root.RootCmdOpt())

    // These lines are removable

        Titles("enable-ueh", "ueh").
        Description("Enables the unhandled exception handler?").
    // cmdrPanic(root)
    // pprof.AttachToCmdr(root.RootCmdOpt())

func cmdrSoundex(root cmdr.OptCmd) {

    cmdr.NewSubCmd().Titles("soundex", "snd", "sndx", "sound").
        Description("soundex test").
        TailPlaceholder("[text1, text2, ...]").
        Action(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) (err error) {
            for ix, s := range args {
                fmt.Printf("%5d. %s => %s\n", ix, s, tool.Soundex(s))


func onUnhandledErrorHandler(err interface{}) {
    if cmdr.GetBoolR("enable-ueh") {

    panic(err) // re-throw it

func dumpStacks() {
    fmt.Printf("\n\n=== BEGIN goroutine stack dump ===\n%s\n=== END goroutine stack dump ===\n\n", errors.DumpStacksAsString(true))

func init() {
    options = append(options, cmdr.WithUnhandledErrorHandler(onUnhandledErrorHandler))

    options = append(options,
            defaultDebugEnabled, defaultLoggerBackend, defaultLoggerLevel,
            log.WithTimestamp(true, "")))))

    options = append(options, cmdr.WithHelpTailLine(`
# Type '-h'/'-?' or '--help' to get command help screen.
# Star me if it's helpful: https://github.com/hedzr/cmdr/examples/example-app

    if isDebugBuild() {
        options = append(options, pprof.GetCmdrProfilingOptions())

    // enable '--trace' command line option to toggle a internal trace mode (can be retrieved by cmdr.GetTraceMode())
    // import "github.com/hedzr/cmdr-addons/pkg/plugins/trace"
    // trace.WithTraceEnable(defaultTraceEnabled)
    // Or:
    optAddTraceOption := cmdr.WithXrefBuildingHooks(func(root *cmdr.RootCommand, args []string) {
            Titles("trace", "tr").
            Description("enable trace mode for tcp/mqtt send/recv data dump", "").
            // Action(func(cmd *cmdr.Command, args []string) (err error) { println("trace mode on"); cmdr.SetTraceMode(true); return; }).
    }, nil)
    options = append(options, optAddTraceOption)
    // options = append(options, optAddServerExtOpt«ion)

    // allow and search '.<appname>.yml' at first
    locations := []string{".$APPNAME.yml"}
    locations = append(locations, cmdr.GetPredefinedLocations()...)
    options = append(options, cmdr.WithPredefinedLocations(locations...))

    options = append(options, internal.NewAppOption())

func isDebugBuild() bool { return isdelve.Enabled }

var options []cmdr.ExecOption

//goland:noinspection GoNameStartsWithPackageName
const (
    appName   = "example-app"
    version   = "0.2.5"
    copyright = "example-app - A devops tool - cmdr series"
    desc      = "example-app is an effective devops tool. It make an demo application for 'cmdr'"
    longDesc  = `example-app is an effective devops tool. It make an demo application for 'cmdr'.
    examples = `
$ {{.AppName}} gen shell [--bash|--zsh|--fish|--auto]
  generate bash/shell completion scripts
$ {{.AppName}} gen man
  generate linux man page 1
$ {{.AppName}} --help
  show help screen.
$ {{.AppName}} --help --man
  show help screen in manpage viewer (for linux/darwin).
    overview = ``

    zero = 0

    defaultTraceEnabled  = true
    defaultDebugEnabled  = false
    defaultLoggerLevel   = "debug"
    defaultLoggerBackend = "logrus"

Tips for Building Your App

As building your app with cmdr, some build tags are suggested:

export GIT_REVISION="$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"
export GIT_SUMMARY="$(git describe --tags --dirty --always)"
export GOVERSION="$(go version)"
export BUILDTIME="$(date -u '+%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S')"
export VERSION="$(grep -E "Version[ \t]+=[ \t]+" doc.go|grep -Eo "[0-9.]+")"
export W_PKG="github.com/hedzr/cmdr/conf"
export LDFLAGS="-s -w \
    -X '$W_PKG.Githash=$GIT_REVISION' \
    -X '$W_PKG.GitSummary=$GIT_SUMMARY' \
    -X '$W_PKG.GoVersion=$GOVERSION' \
    -X '$W_PKG.Buildstamp=$BUILDTIME' \
    -X '$W_PKG.Version=$VERSION'"

go build -v -ldflags "$LDFLAGS" -o ./bin/your-app ./your-app/


Feel free to issue me bug reports and fixes. Many thanks to all contributors.

Thanks to JODL

Thanks to JetBrains for donating product licenses to help develop ** cmdr**
jetbrains goland



FOSSA Status

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the cmdr README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.