consul v1.7.0-beta1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-10 // 6 months ago
  • NOTES:

    • 🚀 cli: Our darwin releases for this version and up will be signed and notarized according to Apple's requirements.

    🚀 Prior to this release, MacOS 10.15+ users attempting to run our software may see the error: "'consul' cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." This error affected all MacOS 10.15+ users who downloaded our software directly via web browsers, and was caused by changes to Apple's third-party software requirements.

    ⬆️ MacOS 10.15+ users should plan to upgrade to 1.7.0+.


    • http: The HTTP API no longer accepts JSON fields that are unknown to it. Instead errors will be returned with 400 status codes [GH-6874]
    • dns: PTR record queries now return answers that contain the Consul datacenter as a label between service and the domain. [GH-6909]


    • Namespaces (Consul Enterprise only) This version adds namespacing to Consul. Namespaces help reduce operational challenges by removing restrictions around uniqueness of resource names across distinct teams, and enable operators to provide self-service through delegation of administrative privileges.
    • GCP Snapshot Storage (Consul Enterprise only). This allows for Consul snapshots (created as backup for disaster recovery) to be stored in GCP
    • 📄 connect: Added a new CA provider allowing Connect certificates to be managed by AWS ACM Private CA.
    • 🔧 connect: Allow configuration of upstream connection limits in Envoy [GH-6829]
    • 👍 agent: Add Cloud Auto-join support for Tencent Cloud [GH-6818]


    • ⚡️ agent: some check types now support configuring a number of consecutive failure and success before the check status is updated in the catalog. [GH-5739]
    • 🚚 agent: clients should only attempt to remove pruned nodes once per call [GH-6591]
    • cli: give feedback to CLI user on forceleave command if node does not exist [GH-6841]
    • router: do not surface left servers [GH-6420]
    • sentinel: (Consul Enterprise only) The Sentinel framework was upgraded to v0.13.0. See the Sentinel Release Notes for more information.
    • xds: mesh gateway CDS requests are now allowed to receive an empty CDS reply [GH-6787]


    • 🚀 cli: remove -dev from consul version in ARM builds in the 1.6.2 release [GH-6875]
    • cli: ui_content_path config option fix [GH-6601]
    • agent: fix watch event behavior [GH-5265]
    • connect: CAs can now use RSA keys correctly to sign EC leafs [GH-6638]
    • cli: services register command now correctly registers an unamed healthcheck [GH-6800]
    • tls: fix behavior related to auto_encrypt and verify_incoming (#6899) [GH-6811]