consul v1.7.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-20 // 4 months ago

    • agent: sensible keyring error [GH-7272]
    • agent: add server raft.{last,applied}_index gauges [GH-6694]
    • 🏗 build: Switched to compile with Go 1.13.7 [GH-7262]
    • config: increase http_max_conns_per_client default to 200 [GH-7289]
    • 👍 tls: support TLS 1.3 [GH-7325]


    • acl: (Consul Enterprise only) Fixed an issue that prevented remote policy and role resolution from working when namespace policy or role defaults were configured.
    • 📜 dns: Fixed an issue that could cause the DNS server to consume excessive CPU resources when trying to parse IPv6 recursor addresses: [GH-6120]
    • 🔧 dns: Fixed an issue that caused Consul to setup a root zone handler when no alt_domain was configured. [GH-7323]
    • 🛠 sessions: Fixed an issue that was causing deletions of a non-existent session to return a 500 when ACLs were enabled. [GH-6840]
    • 🔧 xds: Fix envoy retryOn behavior when multiple behaviors are configured [GH-7280]
    • 🔧 xds: Mesh Gateway fixes to prevent configuring extra clusters and for properly handling a service-resolvers default subset. [GH-7294]
    • 💻 ui: Gracefully cope with errors in discovery-chain when connect is disabled [GH-7291]