consul v1.7.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-16 // 2 months ago

    • 🔧 agent: add option to configure max request length for /v1/txn endpoint [GH-7388]
    • 🏗 build: bump the expected go language version of the main module to 1.13 [GH-7429]
    • 💻 agent: add http_config.response header to the UI headers [GH-7369]
    • agent: Added documentation and error messages related to kv_max_value_size option [GH-7405]]
    • agent: Take Prometheus MIME-type header into account [GH-7371]]


    • ⚡️ acl: Updated token resolution so managed service provider token applies to all endpoints. [GH-7431]
    • 🛠 agent: Fixed error output when agent crashes early [GH-7411]
    • agent: Handle bars in node names when displaying lists in CLI like consul members [GH-6652]]
    • agent: Avoid discarding health check status on consul reload [GH-7345]]
    • network areas: (Consul Enterprise only) - Fixed compatibility issues with network areas and v1.4.0+ ACLs as well as network areas and namespaces. The issue was that secondary datacenters connected to the primary via a network area were not properly detecting that the primary DC supported those other features.
    • 🛠 sessions: Fixed backwards incompatibility with 1.6.x and earlier [GH-7395][GH-7399]
    • 🛠 sessions: Fixed backwards incompatibility with 1.6.x and earlier [GH-7395][GH-7398]
    • 💻 ui: Fixed a DOM refreshing bug on the node detail page which forced an scroll reset [GH-7365][GH-7377]
    • 💻 ui: Fix blocking query requests for the coordinates API requests [GH-7378]
    • 💻 ui: Enable recovery from an unreachable datacenter [GH-7404]