csvtk v0.20.0-dev Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-04-15 // 11 months ago
    • 🚀 csvtk v0.20.0 Github Releases (by Release)
      • new command csvtk comb: compute combinations of items at every row.
      • new command csvtk sep: separate column into multiple columns. #96
      • csvtk: list lines' number of illegal (-I) and empty (-E) rows. #97
      • csvtk filter2: fix bug when column names start with digits, e.g., 1000g2015aug. Thank @VorontsovIE (#44)
      • csvtk concat: allow one input file. #98
      • csvtk join: reenable flag -i/--ignore-case. #99
      • csvtk mutate: new flag -R/--remove for removing input column.