csvtk v0.21.0.rc1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-19 // almost 3 years ago
    • 🚀 csvtk v0.21.0Github Releases (by Release)
      • new command: csvtk nrow/ncol for printing number of rows or columns.
      • new command: round to round float to n decimal places. #112
      • csvtk headers: new flag -v/--verbose.
      • csvtk dim: new flags --tabluar, --cols, --rows, -n/--no-files.
      • csvtk dim/ncol/nrow: can handle empty files now. #108
      • csvtk csv2json #104:
      • new flag -b/--blank: do not convert "", "na", "n/a", "none", "null", "." to null
      • new flag -n/--parse-num: parse numeric values for nth column(s), multiple values are supported and "a"/"all" for all columns.
      • csvtk xlsx2csv: fix output for ragged table. #110
      • csvtk join: fix bug for joining >2 files.
      • csvtk freq: new flag -n/--keep-n for keeping first N records of every key.