Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v2.0.8

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Provide efficient, stable, secure, low-cost file and image distribution services to be the best practice and standard solution in cloud native architectures.


Dragonfly is an open source P2P-based file and image distribution system. It is hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an Incubating Level Project. Its goal is to tackle all distribution problems in cloud native architectures. Currently Dragonfly focuses on being:

  • Simple: Well-defined user-facing API (HTTP), non-invasive to all container engines;
  • Efficient: Seed peer support, P2P based file distribution to save enterprise bandwidth;
  • Intelligent: Host-level speed limit, intelligent flow control due to host detection;
  • Secure: Block transmission encryption, HTTPS connection support.



Manager: Maintain the relationship between each P2P cluster, dynamic configuration management and RBAC. It also includes a front-end console, which is convenient for users to visually operate the cluster.

Scheduler: Select the optimal download parent peer for the download peer. Exceptions control Dfdaemon's back-to-source.

Seed Peer: Dfdaemon turns on the Seed Peer mode can be used as a back-to-source download peer in a P2P cluster, which is the root peer for download in the entire cluster.

Peer: Deploy with dfdaemon, based on the C/S architecture, it provides the dfget command download tool, and the dfget daemon running daemon to provide task download capabilities.


You can find the full documentation on the d7y.io.


Welcome developers to actively participate in community discussions and contribute code to Dragonfly. We will remain concerned about the issues discussed in the community and respond quickly.

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You should check out our [CONTRIBUTING][contributing] and develop the project together.

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Please refer to our [Code of Conduct][codeconduct].

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