Faktory v1.6.0 Release Notes

    • 👷 The core Job struct in Go was modified slightly so the Retry element is now a int* rather than int. This was necessary so code could distinguish between the default value "0" and disabling retries "0"; the default value is now "nil" and will result in the default retry policy of "25". [#385]
    • ➕ Add remaining to the Job Failures struct to track retries remaining [#374]
    • ➕ Add new PUSHB PUSH Bulk jobs command. You send an Array of Jobs rather than a single Job with PUSH. There is no limit to the Array size but we recommend 1000 at a time as a best practice. Returns a Map of JID to ErrorMsg for jobs which failed to push. [#386] PUSHB [{job},{job},...] => Map<JID, ErrorMsg>