Programming language: Go
License: The Unlicense
Tags: Command Line     Standard CLI    
Latest version: v1.10.1

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A collection of CLI argument types for the flag package.

import "github.com/sgreben/flagvar"

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package main

import (

var (
    fruit    = flagvar.Enum{Choices: []string{"apple", "banana"}}
    urls     flagvar.URLs
    settings flagvar.Assignments

func main() {
    flag.Var(&fruit, "fruit", fmt.Sprintf("set a fruit (%s)", fruit.Help()))
    flag.Var(&urls, "url", "add a URL")
    flag.Var(&settings, "set", fmt.Sprintf("specify a setting (%s)", settings.Help()))
$ go run main.go -set abc=xyz -url https://github.com
# no error

$ go run main.go -set abc=xyz -url ://github.com
invalid value "://github.com" for flag -url: parse ://github.com: missing protocol scheme

$ go run main.go -fruit kiwi
invalid value "kiwi" for flag -fruit: "kiwi" must be one of [apple banana]

$ go run main.go -h
  -fruit value
        set a fruit (one of [apple banana])
  -set value
        specify a setting (a key/value pair KEY=VALUE)
  -url value
        add a URL


  • Pluralized argument types (e.g. Strings, Assignments) can be specified repeatedly, the values are collected in a slice.
  • The resulting value is stored in .Value for singular types and in .Values for plural types
  • The original argument string is stored in .Text for singular types and in .Texts for plural types
  • -Set types (EnumSet, StringSet) de-duplicate provided values.
  • -CSV types (IntsCSV, EnumsCSV) accept comma-separated values and accumulate values across flag instances if their .Accumulate field is set to true.
  • Most types implement interface{ Help() string }, which produces a string suitable for inclusion in a help message.


Here's a compact overview:

flagvar type example CLI arg type of resulting Go value
Assignment KEY=VALUE struct{Key,Value}
Assignments KEY=VALUE []struct{Key,Value}
AssignmentsMap KEY=VALUE map[string]string
CIDR struct{IPNet,IP}
CIDRs []struct{IPNet,IP}
CIDRsCSV, []struct{IPNet,IP}
Enum apple string
Enums apple []string
EnumsCSV apple,banana []string
EnumSet apple []string
EnumSetCSV apple,banana []string
File ./README.md string
Files ./README.md []string
Floats 1.234 []float64
FloatsCSV 1.234,5.0 []float64
Glob src/**.js glob.Glob
Globs src/**.js []glob.Glob
Ints 1002 []int64
IntsCSV 123,1002 []int64
IP net.IP
IPs []net.IP
IPsCSV, []net.IP
JSON '{"a":1}' interface{}
JSONs '{"a":1}' []interface{}
Regexp [a-z]+ *regexp.Regexp
Regexps [a-z]+ []*regexp.Regexp
Strings "xyxy" []string
StringSet "xyxy" []string
StringSetCSV y,x,y []string
TCPAddr net.TCPAddr
TCPAddrs []net.TCPAddr
TCPAddrsCSV,:123 []net.TCPAddr
Template "{{.Size}}" *template.Template
Templates "{{.Size}}" []*template.Template
TemplateFile "/path/to/template.file" string
Time "10:30 AM" time.Time
Times "10:30 AM" []time.Time
TimeFormat "RFC3339" string
UDPAddr net.UDPAddr
UDPAddrs []net.UDPAddr
UDPAddrsCSV,:123 []net.UDPAddr
UnixAddr /example.sock net.UnixAddr
UnixAddrs /example.sock []net.UnixAddr
UnixAddrsCSV /example.sock,/other.sock []net.UnixAddr
URL https://github.com *url.URL
URLs https://github.com []*url.URL

Goals / design principles

  • Help avoid dependencies
    • Self-contained > DRY
    • Explicitly support copy & paste workflow
    • Copyable units should be easy to determine
    • Anonymous structs > shared types
  • "Code-you-own" feeling, even when imported as a package
    • No private fields / methods
    • No magic
    • Simple built-in types used wherever possible
    • Avoid introducing new concepts
  • Support "blind" usage
    • Zero values should be useful
    • Avoid introducing failure cases, handle any combination of parameters gracefully.
    • All "obvious things to try" should work.