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  • v3.6.0 Changes


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Move all calculations to cart behaviour implementation
      • By moving calculation responsibility, we enable different implementation possibilities for calculations like tax before or after discounts, tax on single item or sum and different tax rounding modes instead of having it hard-coded in the flamingo cart.
      • All calculation functions on cart item, shipping item, delivery and cart are now public fields for which the values must be set by the cart behaviour implementation
      • The DefaultCartBehaviour calculates all new fields accordingly
      • Removed ItemBuilder, DeliveryBuilder and Builder since they didn't provide any meaningful functionality after removing the calculations. Please create structs directly.
      • Changed the GraphQL cart model accordingly.
      • To help with the migration there are sed commands for the following fields in cart/migration.sed: run find . -type f -iname '*.go' -exec gsed -i -f migration.sed "{}" +;
      • Cart items
        • | Old Function | New Field | |----------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| | RowPriceGrossWithDiscount() | RowPriceGrossWithDiscount | | RowPriceGrossWithItemRelatedDiscount() | RowPriceGrossWithItemRelatedDiscount | | RowPriceNetWithDiscount() | RowPriceNetWithDiscount | | RowPriceNetWithItemRelatedDiscount() | RowPriceNetWithItemRelatedDiscount | | TotalDiscountAmount() | TotalDiscountAmount | | ItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | ItemRelatedDiscountAmount | | NonItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | NonItemRelatedDiscountAmount |
      • Shipping items
        • | Old Function | New Field | |----------------------------|-------------------------| | TotalWithDiscountInclTax() | PriceGrossWithDiscounts | | - | PriceNetWithDiscounts |
      • Deliveries
        • | Old Function | New Field | |-----------------------------------|---------------------------------| | SubTotalGross() | SubTotalGross | | SubTotalNet() | SubTotalNet | | SumTotalDiscountAmount() | TotalDiscountAmount | | SumSubTotalDiscountAmount() | SubTotalDiscountAmount | | SumNonItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | NonItemRelatedDiscountAmount | | SumItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | ItemRelatedDiscountAmount | | SubTotalGrossWithDiscounts() | SubTotalGrossWithDiscounts | | SubTotalNetWithDiscounts() | SubTotalNetWithDiscounts | | GrandTotal() | GrandTotal |
      • Cart
        • | Old Function | New Field | |-----------------------------------|---------------------------------| | GrandTotal() | GrandTotal | | - | GrandTotalNet | | SumShippingNet() | ShippingNet | | SumShippingNetWithDiscounts() | ShippingNetWithDiscounts | | SumShippingGross() | ShippingGross | | SumShippingGrossWithDiscounts() | ShippingGrossWithDiscounts | | SubTotalGross() | SubTotalGross | | SubTotalNet() | SubTotalNet | | SubTotalGrossWithDiscounts() | SubTotalGrossWithDiscounts | | SubTotalNetWithDiscounts() | SubTotalNetWithDiscounts | | SumTotalDiscountAmount() | TotalDiscountAmount | | SumNonItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | NonItemRelatedDiscountAmount | | SumItemRelatedDiscountAmount() | ItemRelatedDiscountAmount | | SumAppliedGiftCards() | TotalGiftCardAmount | | SumGrandTotalWithGiftCards() | GrandTotalWithGiftCards | | - | GrandTotalNetWithGiftCards |
    • πŸ”€ Dispatch a PreCartMergeEvent before and a PostCartMergeEvent after merging a guest and customer cart when logging in


    • βž• Add possibility to have additional data in PaymentFlowActionTriggerClientSDK


    • 🌐 Introduce Labels() function on Attribute to handle translations for attributes with multiple values, will fallback to Values() function if not translated.
    • GraphQL:
      • Add unitCode toCommerce_Product_VariationSelection_Option and Commerce_Product_ActiveVariationSelection
      • Fix mapping of VariationSelections
      • Introduce Labels for attributes here as well
    • FakeService
      • Add configuration option commerce.product.fakeservice.defaultProducts which toggles the delivery of default test products.
      • Add category facet functionality to the fake SearchService with default category facet items.
      • Add configuration option commerce.product.fakeservice.jsonTestDataCategoryFacetItems which can be used to provide your own category facet items.
  • v3.5.0 Changes


    • βž• Add convenience function to clone carts
    • 0️⃣ DefaultCartBehaviour now returns real cart clones to prevent data races on cart fields
    • API
      • Breaking: Update DELETE /api/v1/cart to actually clean the whole cart not only removing the cart items (introduces new route for the previous behaviour, see below)
      • Add new endpoint DELETE /api/v1/cart/deliveries/items to be able to remove all cart items from all deliveries but keeping delivery info and other cart data untouched
    • βž• Add new method SumShippingGrossWithDiscounts to the cart domain which returns gross shipping costs for the cart
    • When using the ItemSplitter to split items in items with single qty (SplitInSingleQtyItems) the split discounts are reversed to make splitting the row total stable.
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: SumTotalTaxAmount now takes taxes on shipping costs into account
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Delivery discount sum calculations SumTotalDiscountAmount, SumNonItemRelatedDiscountAmount, SumItemRelatedDiscountAmount now take discount on shipping costs into account
      • Old calculation is now in SumSubTotalDiscountAmount.
    • CartService
      • Add UpdateAdditionalData to be able to set additional data to cart
      • Add UpdateDeliveryAdditionalData to be able to set additional data to the delivery info
      • Introduce new [interface](cart/application/service.go) to be able to easier mock the whole CartService
      • Add auto generated mockery mock for the CartService
      • Add new field PriceGross of shippingItem to directly get the shipping cost incl tax (must be filled by cart adapter)
    • GraphQL:
      • Add new method sumShippingGrossWithDiscounts to the Commerce_DecoratedCart type
      • Add new field sumShippingGross to the Commerce_DecoratedCart type
      • Add new field priceGross to the Commerce_Cart_ShippingItem type
      • Add new mutation Commerce_Cart_UpdateAdditionalData
      • Add new mutation Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveriesAdditionalData
      • Add new field customAttributes to the Commerce_CartAdditionalData type
      • Add new field additionalData to the Commerce_CartDeliveryInfo type
      • Add new type Commerce_Cart_CustomAttributes with method for getting key/value pairs
      • Breaking: Make naming convention consistent in graphql schema Commerce_Cart_*
      • Breaking: Remove the fields getAdditionalData, additionalDataKeys, additionalDeliveryInfoKeys from the Commerce_CartDeliveryInfo type
      • Breaking: Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveryShippingOptions mutation responded with slice of Commerce_Cart_DeliveryAddressForm which was incorrect as we don't process any form data within the mutation. It responds now rightly only with processed state.
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Upgrade to v4, all types are fully compatible, but import paths have to be changed
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Do not allow cart mutations via GET anymore. All Add, Update, Delete and Clean actions are affected:
      • /cart/add/:marketplaceCode
      • /cart/update/:id
      • /cart/delete/all
      • /cart/clean
      • /cart/delivery/:deliveryCode
      • /cart/delete/delivery/:deliveryCode
      • /cart/delete/:id


    • Introducing Flamingo events on final states of the place order process
    • 0️⃣ Introduce a max ttl for the checkout state machine to avoid polluting the redis with stale checkout processes, defaults to 2h
    • Checkout controller: force new order id reservation if an early place happened and there was a payment issue
    • API
      • In case of an invalid cart during place order process we now expose the cart validation result, affected endpoints: GET /api/v1/checkout/placeorder POST /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refresh POST /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refresh-blocking
    • βž• Add new Flow Action PaymentFlowActionTriggerClientSDK to the checkout
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Upgrade to v4, all types are fully compatible, but import paths have to be changed


    • βž• Add mockery mocks for both Customer / CustomerIdentityService for easier testing
    • βž• Add State field to customer address to be closer to cart address type, expose via GraphQL


    • When marshalling domain.Price to JSON the amount is rounded.


    • ✨ Enhance the PriceContext to allow potential delivery specific pricing
    • GraphQL:
      • Breaking: Change activeBase of Commerce_Product_PriceInfo from Float to Commerce_Price
      • Add availablePrices to the Commerce_Product interface to display potential pricing options in the frontend
      • Add context to the Commerce_Product_PriceInfo model to be able to differ between prices
  • v3.4.0 Changes


    • βž• Added desired time to DeliveryForm
    • πŸ”’ InMemoryCartStorage: initialize lock and storage already in Inject() to avoid potential race conditions
    • API

      • Add endpoints for deleting / updating a item in the cart (DELETE/PUT: /api/v1/cart/delivery/{deliveryCode}/item)
      • Breaking: Affects v1 prefixed routes, switched to a more RESTful naming and use of the correct HTTP verbs to mark idempotent operations
      • | old HTTP verb | old route | new HTTP verb | new route | |--------------:|----------------------------------------------------|---------------|--------------------------------------------| | POST | /api/v1/cart/delivery/{deliveryCode}/additem | POST | /api/v1/cart/delivery/{deliveryCode}/item | | POST/PUT | /api/v1/cart/applyvoucher | POST | /api/v1/cart/voucher | | POST/DELETE | /api/v1/cart/removevoucher | DELETE | /api/v1/cart/voucher | | POST/PUT | /api/v1/cart/applygiftcard | POST | /api/v1/cart/gift-card | | POST | /api/v1/cart/applycombinedvouchergift | POST | /api/v1/cart/voucher-gift-card | | POST | /api/v1/cart/removegiftcard | DELETE | /api/v1/cart/gift-card | | POST | /api/v1/cart/billing | PUT | /api/v1/cart/billing | | POST | /api/v1/cart/delivery/{deliveryCode}/deliveryinfo | PUT | /api/v1/cart/delivery/{deliveryCode} | | PUT | /api/v1/cart/updatepaymentselection | PUT | /api/v1/cart/payment-selection |
    • GraphQL

      • Update schema and resolver regarding desired time


    • βž• Added cue config to module
    • πŸ“š Update fake service documentation
    • FakeService
      • The category fake service was added which can return a project specific category tree and categories
      • Added configuration options are fakeService.enabled and fakeService.testDataFolder to enable the fake category service and to use json files as fake categories and tree. You can find examples in the documentation of the module


    • ⚑️ Checkout Controller, update handling of aborted/canceled payments:
      • Cancel the order / restore the cart before generating the new idempotency key of the payment selection
    • Resolve goroutine leak in redis locker
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking Change StartPlaceOrder behaviour to always start a new one.
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking Change ClearPlaceOrderProcess behaviour to be always possible (no matter on which state)
    • API
      • Breaking: Affects v1 prefixed routes, switched to a more RESTful naming and use of the correct HTTP verbs to mark idempotent operations
      • | old HTTP verb | old route | new HTTP verb | new route | |--------------:|-----------------------------------------------|---------------|-----------------------------------------------| | POST | /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refreshblocking | POST | /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refresh-blocking |


    • GraphQL
      • Extend Commerce_Customer_Address with some useful fields
      • Extend Commerce_Customer_Result with a field for querying a specific address
      • Breaking:
      • Commerce_Customer_Address: rename field StreetNr to StreetNumber, lastname to lastName and firstname to firstName
      • Commerce_Customer_Result: defaultShippingAddress and defaultBillingAddress now can return null if there is no default address
      • Commerce_Customer_PersonData: field birthday is now nullable and of type Date.


    • Introduced wallet payment method


    • βž• Add support for product badges
    • GraphQL
      • Breaking New schema for products:
      • Commerce_Product has been restructured and now has three subtypes: Commerce_Product_SimpleProduct, Commerce_Product_ConfigurableProduct, Commerce_Product_ActiveVariantProduct
      • Product variant data, that has previously been buried in Commerce_ConfigurableProduct.variants, has been mapped to the toplevel of each product and can be accessed directly.
      • Both ActiveVariantProduct and ConfigurableProduct provide a new property named variationSelections which exposes a list of possible attribute combinations for the configurable.
    • FakeService
      • The product fake search service is now able to return products with an active variant via fake_configurable_with_active_variant. Variation attributes have been changed to only include color and size.
      • Added configuration option jsonTestDataFolder to use json files as fake products. You can find an example product under: test/integrationtest/projecttest/tests/graphql/testdata/products/json_simple.json
      • Added fakservice documentation to the product module.
      • The product fake search service is now able to return a specific product if the given query matches the marketplace code / name of the json file of the product
      • The product fake search service returns no products if it is queried with no-results
    • πŸ”¦ Expose VariantVariationAttributesSorting on domain.ConfigurableProductWithActiveVariant
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking: Update stock handling: Remove magic alwaysInStock product attribute. Just Rely BasicProductData.StockLevel field instead.


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking
      • Optional pointer DeliveryInfo added as parameter to StockProvider.GetStock

    πŸ“„ docs

    • Embed swagger.json via go-bindata, so it can be used from the outside
  • v3.3.0 Changes

    August 12, 2020

    πŸš€ This release mainly focuses on improving existing GraphQL queries/mutations, general maintenance, and the switch from the deprecated oauth module to the new auth implementation.


    • Switch module config to CUE
    • Extended product model with loyalty earnings
    • βž• Added Rest API route to get products
    • GraphQL
      • Added values field of Attribute to the schema
      • exposed loyalty earnings
      • Added facets to fake search service
    • πŸ”¦ Expose unit of product variant attributes
    • fake: add loyalty pricing for fake_simple product, introduced fake_fixed_simple_without_discounts product


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking : Moved to new flamingo auth module, breaks several interfaces which previously relied on the OAuth module
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking
      • Cart item validation now requires the decorated cart to be passed to assure that validators don't rely on a cart from any other source (e.g. session)
      • Session added as a parameter to interface method MaxQuantityRestrictor.Restrict
      • Session added as a parameter to RestrictionService.RestrictQty
      • Changed no cache entry found error for cartCache Invalidate, Delete and DeleteAll to ErrNoCacheEntry
    • Switch module config to CUE
    • GraphQL
      • Add new mutation to set / update one or multiple delivery addresses Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveryAddresses
      • Add new mutation to update the shipping options (carrier / method) of an existing delivery Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveryShippingOptions
      • Add new mutation to clean current users cart Commerce_Cart_Clean
      • Add new query to check if a product is restricted in terms of the allowed quantity Commerce_Cart_QtyRestriction
      • Add new field sumPaymentSelectionCartSplitValueAmountByMethods to the Commerce_Cart_Summary which sums up cart split amounts of the payment selection by the provided methods.
      • Expose PaymentSelection.CartSplit() via GraphQL, add new types Commerce_Cart_PaymentSelection_Split and Commerce_Cart_PaymentSelection_SplitQualifier
      • Breaking : renamed the following GraphQL types
      • type Commerce_Cart_BillingAddressFormData is now Commerce_Cart_AddressForm
      • input Commerce_BillingAddressFormInput is now Commerce_Cart_AddressFormInput
      • type Commerce_Charge is now Commerce_Price_Charge
      • type Commerce_ChargeQualifier is now Commerce_Price_ChargeQualifier
      • input Commerce_ChargeQualifierInput is now Commerce_Price_ChargeQualifierInput
    • 🌲 Adjusted log level for cache entry not found error when trying to delete the cached cart


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking : renamed GetId to GetID in domain.Customer interface
    • introduced new CustomerIdentityService to retrieve authenticated customers by auth.Identity
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking : removed CustomerService please use CustomerIdentityService
    • GraphQL: Add new customer queries:
      • Commerce_Customer_Status returns the customer's login status
      • Commerce_Customer returns the logged-in customer


    • πŸ—„ Deprecate Sourcing service port in checkout (activate if required with setting commerce.checkout.activateDeprecatedSourcing)
    • πŸ”§ Make cart validation before place order optional with configuration
    • State Machine
      • Add additional metrics to monitor place order flow
      • flamingo_commerce_checkout_placeorder_starts
      • flamingo_commerce_checkout_placeorder_state_run_count
      • flamingo_commerce_checkout_placeorder_state_failed_count
      • Add a step to validate the payment selection if needed. The step provides a port to be implemented if needed.
    • πŸ”¦ Expose place order endpoints also via rest
    • ⚑️ Checkout controller, update to the error handling:
      • In case of a payment error, the checkout controller will now redirect to the checkout/review action instead of just rendering the matching template on the current route.
      • Same applies in case of an error during place order, the checkout controller will now redirect to the checkout step.
      • In both cases the error will be stored as a flash message in the session before redirecting, the target action will then receive it and pass it to the template view data.


    • Switch module config to CUE
    • ⚑️ Update pagination module configuration. Use commerce.pagination namespace for configuration now.
    • GraphQL
      • Breaking simplified Commerce_Search_SortOption type
      • Breaking use GraphQL specific search result type
      • Added facets resolver


    • GraphQL
      • Breaking moved GraphQL dto package to categorydto

    πŸ“„ docs

    • βž• Add Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 specification to project, using swaggo/swag
    • βž• Add a new "sourcing" module that can be used standalone. See sourcing/ for more details


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking : Switch from flamingo oauth module to the new auth module, to keep w3cdatalayer working please configure the new auth module accordingly


    • πŸ’₯ Breaking : removed interface CustomerOrderService please use CustomerIdentityOrderService
    • ⚑️ Update config path: order.useFakeAdapters to commerce.order.useFakeAdapter
  • v3.2.0 Changes

    April 09, 2020


    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug that causes the datalayer to panic if it failed to build an absolute url
    • πŸ”§ Introduced a configuration option to choose between base64url and hex encoding for the hashed values
    • 🚚 Move config to commerce namespace, from w3cDatalayer to commerce.w3cDatalayer
    • βž• Add legacy config mapping so old mappings can still be used
    • βž• Add cue based config to have config validation in place


    • Controller
      • Allow checkout for fully discounted carts without payment processing. Previously all checkouts needed a valid payment to continue. In case there is nothing to pay this can be skipped.
      • Order ID will be reserved as soon as the user hits the checkout previously it was done before starting the payment
    • GraphQL
      • Update place order process to also allow zero carts which don't need payment, this leads to a state flow that lacks the payment steps. See module readme for further details.
    • ⚑️ Update source service to support external location codes.
      • Adds ExternalLocationCode to the Source struct.
      • Update SetSourcesForCartItems() to use the new SourcingServiceDetail functionality if the bound service implements the interface
    • ⚑️ Update OrderService to expose more metrics regarding the place order process: flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/cart_validation_failed flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/no_payment_selection flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/payment_gateway_not_found flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/payment_flow_status_error flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/order_payment_from_flow_error flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/payment_flow_status_failed_canceled flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/payment_flow_status_aborted flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/place_order_failed flamingo-commerce/checkout/orders/place_order_successful


    • inMemoryBehaviour: Allow custom logic for GiftCard / Voucher handling
      • We introduced two new interfaces GiftCardHandler + VoucherHandler
      • This enables users of the in-memory cart to add project specific gift card and voucher handling
    • πŸ›  Fix CreateInitialDeliveryIfNotPresent so that cache gets updated now when an initial delivery is created
    • GraphQL: Add new cart validation query Commerce_Cart_Validator to check if cart contains valid items


    • IsZero() now uses LikelyEqual() instead of Equal() to avoid issues occurring due to floating-point arithmetic


    • product attributes:
      • Added AttributesByKey domain method to filter attributes by key and exposed this method as getAttributesByKey in GraphQL
      • GraphQL: Exposing codeLabel property in the Commerce_ProductAttribute type


    • Introduced error message for already used idempotency key
  • v3.1.1 Changes


    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug that causes the datalayer to panic if it failed to build an absolute url
  • v3.1.0 Changes

    February 26, 2020

    πŸš‘ The release mainly improves the checkout experience when using the GraphQL interfaces, by introducing a new place order process which is backed by a state machine. This encapsulates all critical parts of the checkout into separate states which are easier to test and allow us to rollback each process part seperatly.


    • ⚑️ Update flamingo core to v3.2.0
    • ⚑️ Update dingo to v0.2.9

    βœ… tests

    • βž• Added GraphQL integration tests for new Place Order Process, run manually with make integrationtest
    • βœ… To run the GraphQL Demo project use make run-integrationtest-demo-project
    • βœ… To regenerate the GraphQL files used by the integration tests / demo project use make generate-integrationtest-graphql


    βž• Add additionalData to the AddRequest used during add to cart

    - Breaking : Update helper/builder function BuildAddRequest

    πŸ’₯ Breaking : Change to EventPublisher interface, PublishChangedQtyInCartEvent and
    PublishAddToCartEvent now include a cart as a parameter

    πŸ’₯ Breaking : Change to behaviour of AddToCartEvent and ChangedQtyInCartEvent, they are now thrown after the cart has been adjusted and written back to cache

    Events deferred from ModifyBehaviour are dispatched before AddToCartEvent and ChangedQtyInCartEvent

    The AddToCartEvent includes the current cart (with added product)

    ⚑️ The ChangedQtyInCartEvent includes the current cart (with updated quantities)

    βͺ Mark CartReceiverService.RestoreCart() as deprecated, use CartService.RestoreCart() instead,
    the cart adapter therefore needs to implement the CompleteBehaviour interface.

    βž• Add CartReceiverService.ModifyBehaviour() to easily receive the current behaviour (guest/customer)

    βž• Add CompleteBehaviour interface which ensures that the cart adapter offers Complete / Restore functionality

    βž• Add CartService.CompleteCurrentCart() and CartService.RestoreCart() which rely on the new CompleteBehaviour interface

    πŸ’₯ Breaking : Update CartService.CancelOrder() to use CartService.RestoreCart() instead of CartReceiverService.RestoreCart(),
    πŸ‘ if your cart supports completing/restoring please implement CompleteBehaviour interface

    βž• Add CartService.CancelOrderWithoutRestore() to allow order cancellation without restoring the cart

    βͺ Mark GuestCartService.RestoreCart as deprecated, will be replaced by CompleteBehaviour

    βͺ Mark CustomerCartService.RestoreCart as deprecated, will be replaced by CompleteBehaviour

    βž• Add mocks for all behaviours, you can use a specific one e.g. &mocks.CompleteBehaviour{} or the all in one &mocks.AllBehaviour{}

    ⚑️ Update InMemoryBehaviour to fulfill the CompleteBehaviour interface (adds Complete()/Restore())

    ⚑️ Update InMemoryCartStorage, add Mutex to be thread safe

    ⚑️ Update SimplePaymentFormService to allow gift cards in the PaymentSelection, please use the
    0️⃣ config commerce.cart.simplePaymentForm.giftCardPaymentMethodto specify the default payment method for gift cards

    βž• Add missing product module dependency to cart module


    🚚 Move config to commerce namespace, from checkout to commerce.checkout

    βž• Add legacy config mapping so old mappings can still be used

    βž• Add cue based config to have config validation in place

    βž• Add OrderService.CancelOrderWithoutRestore() which uses the new CartService function

    βž• Add OrderService.CartPlaceOrder() to place a provided cart instead of fetching it from the CartService

    βž• Add new GraphQL Place Order process which relies on a new state machine please referer to the module readme for more details

    • Transition all actions of the checkout controller to separate states
    • Add new ContextStore port to provide a storage for the place order process
      • Provide InMemory and Redis Adapter
    • Add new TryLocker port to provide an easy way to sync multiple order processes across different nodes
      • Provide InMemory and Redis Adapter
    • Breaking: Add new GraphQL mutations / queries to start / stop / refresh the place order process


    βž• Add PaymentService to easily work with bound PaymentGateway's

    • PaymentService.AvailablePaymentGateways() returns all bound gateways
    • PaymentService.PaymentGateway() gets the payment gateway by gateway code

    - PaymentService.PaymentGatewayByCart() gets the payment gateway of the cart payment selection

    Extend the FlowStatus struct with more standardized FlowActionData

    βž• Add standardized Flow Actions PaymentFlowActionShowIframe, PaymentFlowActionShowHTML, PaymentFlowActionRedirect,
    PaymentFlowActionPostRedirect please use these in your payment adapter since the standard place order relies on them.


    • Extend Suggestion struct with Type and AdditionalAttributes to be able to distinguish between product/category suggestions
  • v3.0.1 Changes

    February 10, 2020
    • ⚑️ Update dingo and form dependency to latest version
  • v3.0.0 Changes

    December 20, 2019
    • πŸ‘• general cleanups and linting fixes - that includes several renames of packagenames and types.
    • price object introduced:
      • cart and product model don't use float64 anymore but a Price type
      • use commercePriceFormat templatefunc instead (core) priceFormat where you want to render a price object. This will automatically render a "Payable" price.
    • cart module:
      • Has a new secondary port: PlaceOrderService
      • The meaning of DeliveryInfo.Method has changed! The former meaning is now represented in the property DeliveryInfo.Workflow. See Readme of cart ackage for details
      • The complete pricefields are changed! Check readme for details on the new price fields and methods
    • checkout:
      • removed depricated viewdata (CartTotals)
    • products:
      • product category breadcrumb is not filled in controller - if you want a breadcrum you can use category data functions
      • product category fields are changed to use a categoryTeaser
    • category:
      • Tree object uses a Tree Entity now which contains NOT all category properties. You have to fetch the category details separate on demand:
        • search for usages of the data funcs - they may need changes in rendering the data: data('category´´..
  • v3.0.0-beta.3

    September 04, 2019