Flamingo Commerce v3.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-20 // almost 2 years ago
    • 👕 general cleanups and linting fixes - that includes several renames of packagenames and types.
    • price object introduced:
      • cart and product model don't use float64 anymore but a Price type
      • use commercePriceFormat templatefunc instead (core) priceFormat where you want to render a price object. This will automatically render a "Payable" price.
    • cart module:
      • Has a new secondary port: PlaceOrderService
      • The meaning of DeliveryInfo.Method has changed! The former meaning is now represented in the property DeliveryInfo.Workflow. See Readme of cart ackage for details
      • The complete pricefields are changed! Check readme for details on the new price fields and methods
    • checkout:
      • removed depricated viewdata (CartTotals)
    • products:
      • product category breadcrumb is not filled in controller - if you want a breadcrum you can use category data functions
      • product category fields are changed to use a categoryTeaser
    • category:
      • Tree object uses a Tree Entity now which contains NOT all category properties. You have to fetch the category details separate on demand:
        • search for usages of the data funcs - they may need changes in rendering the data: data('category´´..