Flamingo Commerce v3.5.0 Release Notes

  • cart

    • ➕ Add convenience function to clone carts
    • 0️⃣ DefaultCartBehaviour now returns real cart clones to prevent data races on cart fields
    • API
      • Breaking: Update DELETE /api/v1/cart to actually clean the whole cart not only removing the cart items (introduces new route for the previous behaviour, see below)
      • Add new endpoint DELETE /api/v1/cart/deliveries/items to be able to remove all cart items from all deliveries but keeping delivery info and other cart data untouched
    • ➕ Add new method SumShippingGrossWithDiscounts to the cart domain which returns gross shipping costs for the cart
    • When using the ItemSplitter to split items in items with single qty (SplitInSingleQtyItems) the split discounts are reversed to make splitting the row total stable.
    • 💥 Breaking: SumTotalTaxAmount now takes taxes on shipping costs into account
    • 💥 Breaking: Delivery discount sum calculations SumTotalDiscountAmount, SumNonItemRelatedDiscountAmount, SumItemRelatedDiscountAmount now take discount on shipping costs into account
      • Old calculation is now in SumSubTotalDiscountAmount.
    • CartService
      • Add UpdateAdditionalData to be able to set additional data to cart
      • Add UpdateDeliveryAdditionalData to be able to set additional data to the delivery info
      • Introduce new [interface](cart/application/service.go) to be able to easier mock the whole CartService
      • Add auto generated mockery mock for the CartService
      • Add new field PriceGross of shippingItem to directly get the shipping cost incl tax (must be filled by cart adapter)
    • GraphQL:
      • Add new method sumShippingGrossWithDiscounts to the Commerce_DecoratedCart type
      • Add new field sumShippingGross to the Commerce_DecoratedCart type
      • Add new field priceGross to the Commerce_Cart_ShippingItem type
      • Add new mutation Commerce_Cart_UpdateAdditionalData
      • Add new mutation Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveriesAdditionalData
      • Add new field customAttributes to the Commerce_CartAdditionalData type
      • Add new field additionalData to the Commerce_CartDeliveryInfo type
      • Add new type Commerce_Cart_CustomAttributes with method for getting key/value pairs
      • Breaking: Make naming convention consistent in graphql schema Commerce_Cart_*
      • Breaking: Remove the fields getAdditionalData, additionalDataKeys, additionalDeliveryInfoKeys from the Commerce_CartDeliveryInfo type
      • Breaking: Commerce_Cart_UpdateDeliveryShippingOptions mutation responded with slice of Commerce_Cart_DeliveryAddressForm which was incorrect as we don't process any form data within the mutation. It responds now rightly only with processed state.
    • 💥 Breaking: Upgrade github.com/go-playground/form to v4, all types are fully compatible, but import paths have to be changed


    • Introducing Flamingo events on final states of the place order process
    • 0️⃣ Introduce a max ttl for the checkout state machine to avoid polluting the redis with stale checkout processes, defaults to 2h
    • Checkout controller: force new order id reservation if an early place happened and there was a payment issue
    • API
      • In case of an invalid cart during place order process we now expose the cart validation result, affected endpoints: GET /api/v1/checkout/placeorder POST /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refresh POST /api/v1/checkout/placeorder/refresh-blocking
    • 💥 Breaking: Upgrade github.com/go-playground/form to v4, all types are fully compatible, but import paths have to be changed


    • ➕ Add mockery mocks for both Customer / CustomerIdentityService for easier testing
    • ➕ Add State field to customer address to be closer to cart address type, expose via GraphQL


    • When marshalling domain.Price to JSON the amount is rounded.


    • ✨ Enhance the PriceContext to allow potential delivery specific pricing
    • GraphQL:
      • Breaking: Change activeBase of Commerce_Product_PriceInfo from Float to Commerce_Price
      • Add availablePrices to the Commerce_Product interface to display potential pricing options in the frontend
      • Add context to the Commerce_Product_PriceInfo model to be able to differ between prices