Flamingo Commerce v3.4.0 Release Notes

  • cart

    • ➕ Added desired time to DeliveryForm
    • GraphQL
      • Updated schema and resolver regarding desired time


    • GraphQL
      • Breaking New schema for products:
      • Commerce_Product has been restructured and now has three subtypes: Commerce_Product_SimpleProduct, Commerce_Product_ConfigurableProduct, Commerce_Product_ActiveVariantProduct
      • Product variant data, that has previously been buried in Commerce_ConfigurableProduct.variants, has been mapped to the toplevel of each product and can be accessed directly.
      • Both ActiveVariantProduct and ConfigurableProduct provide a new property named variationSelections which exposes a list of possible attribute combinations for the configurable.
    • FakeService
      • The product fake search service is now able to return products with an active variant via fake_configurable_with_active_variant. Variation attributes have been changed to only include color and size.
      • Added configuration option jsonTestDataFolder to use json files as fake products. You can find an example product under: test/integrationtest/projecttest/tests/graphql/testdata/products/json_simple.json
      • Added fakservice documentation to the product module.
    • 🔦 Expose VariantVariationAttributesSorting on domain.ConfigurableProductWithActiveVariant


    • ⚡️ Checkout Controller, update handling of aborted/canceled payments:
      • Cancel the order / restore the cart before generating the new idempotency key of the payment selection