Flamingo v3.2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-26 // over 3 years ago
  • Stabilizing Flamingo, API and code

Previous changes from v3.2.0

    • license:
      • Flamingo now uses the MIT license. The CLA has been removed.
    • core/auth:
      • Flamingo v3.2.0 provides a new auth package which makes authentication easier an more canonical.
      • the old core/oauth is deprecated and provides a compatibility layer for core/auth.
    • sessions:
      • web.SessionStore provides programmatic access to web.Session
      • flamingo.session.saveMode allows to define a more granular session save behaviour
    • config loading:
      • both routes.yml and routes.yaml are now supported
    • 🌐 framework/web:
      • the framework router got a couple of stability updates.
      • the web responder and responses don't fail anymore for uninitialized responses.
      • error responses are wrapped with a http error message
      • the flamingo.static.file controller needs a dir to not serve from root.
    • errors:
      • all errors are handled via Go's error package
    • go 1.13/1.14:
      • support for 1.12 has been dropped