fzf v0.35.0 Release Notes

    • ➕ Added start event that is triggered only once when fzf finder starts. Since fzf consumes the input stream asynchronously, the input list is not available unless you use --sync. sh seq 100 | fzf --multi --sync --bind 'start:last+select-all+preview(echo welcome)'
    • ➕ Added --border-label and --border-label-pos for putting label on the border ```sh # ANSI color codes are supported # (with https://github.com/busyloop/lolcat) label=$(curl -s http://metaphorpsum.com/sentences/1 | lolcat -f)

    # Border label at the center fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="╢ $label ╟" --color=label:italic:black

    # Left-aligned (positive integer) fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="╢ $label ╟" --border-label-pos=3 --color=label:italic:black

    # Right-aligned (negative integer) on the bottom line (:bottom) fzf --height=10 --border --border-label="╢ $label ╟" --border-label-pos=-3:bottom --color=label:italic:black

    - Also added `--preview-label` and `--preview-label-pos` for the border of the
      preview window
      fzf --preview 'cat {}' --border --preview-label=' Preview ' --preview-label-pos=2
    • 0️⃣ Info panel (counter) will be followed by a horizontal separator by default
      • The color of the separator can be customized via --color=separator:...
      • Separator can be disabled by adding :nosep to --info
        • --info=nosep
        • --info=inline:nosep