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Encapsulate general parameter parsing and parameter verification logic, 
minimize repetitive code in daily development, and solve parameter binding 
and verification in a few lines of code


  • Bind data to the specified structure based on tag information

    • Built-in HTTP request path, query, form, header, cookie binding ability
      • Binding for http uri parameters gbind:"http.path"
      • Binding for http query parameters gbind:"http.query.varname"
      • Binding for http header parameters gbind:"http.header.varname"
      • Binding for http form parameters gbind:"http.form.varname"
      • Binding for http cookie parameters gbind:"http.cookie.varname"
    • Built-in json binding capability, implemented with encoding/json
      • For HTTP body in json format, follow golang json parsing format uniformly json:"varname"
    • Support for setting default values of bound fields
      • Supports setting default values of bound fields when no data is passed in gbind:"http.query.varname,default=123"
    • Support custom binding parsing logic (not limited to HTTP requests, using gbind can do bindings similar to database tags and other scenarios)
      • You can register custom binding logic by calling the RegisterBindFunc function, such as implementing a binding of the form gbind:"simple.key"
  • Validate the field value according to the tag information, parameter validation logic refer to the validate package

    • Data validation of bound fields is performed according to the defined validatetag, which depends on github.com/go-playground/validator implementation, validate="required,lt=100"
    • Support custom validation logic, you can customize the data validation logic by calling the RegisterCustomValidation function
    • Support custom error message for validation failure
    • By defining the tag of err_msg, it supports custom error message when parameter validation fails, demo gbind:"http.cookie.Token" validate="required,lt=100" err_msg="Please complete the login" ## Usage example
  • Use gbind's web API request parameters for binding and verification

package gbind

import (

type Params struct {
    API    string `gbind:"http.path,default=/api/test"`
    Appkey string `gbind:"http.query.appkey,default=appkey-default"`
    Page   int    `gbind:"http.query.page,default=1"`
    Size   int    `gbind:"http.query.size,default=10"`
    Token  string `gbind:"http.cookie.Token" validate:"required" err_msg:"please login"`
    Host   string `gbind:"http.header.host,default=www.baidu.com"`
    Uids   []int  `gbind:"http.form.uids"`

func Controller(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
    var requestParams = &Params{}
    if _, err := BindWithValidate(context.Background(), requestParams, r); err != nil {
    bs, _ := json.MarshalIndent(requestParams, "", "\t")

func ExampleGbind() {
    w := httptest.NewRecorder()
    u, _ := url.Parse("http://gbind.baidu.com/api/test?appkey=abc&page=2")
    r := &http.Request{
        Method: http.MethodPost,
        Header: map[string][]string{
            "Host": {"gbind.baidu.com"},
        PostForm: url.Values{
            "uids": {"1", "2", "3"},
        URL: u,
        Name:  "Token",
        Value: "foo-bar-andsoon",

    Controller(w, r)


    // Output:
    // 200 OK
    //  "API": "/api/test",
    //  "Appkey": "abc",
    //  "Page": 2,
    //  "Size": 10,
    //  "Token": "foo-bar-andsoon",
    //  "Host": "gbind.baidu.com",
    //  "Uids": [
    //      1,
    //      2,
    //      3
    //  ]
  • Customize the binding logic, you can realize the binding of different scenarios, demo gbind:"simple.key" ```golang package gbind

func TestRegisterBindFunc(t *testing.T) { g := NewGbind() g.RegisterBindFunc("simple", NewSimpleExecer)

type Foo struct {
    Key string `gbind:"simple.key"`
f := &Foo{}
_, err := g.Bind(context.WithValue(context.Background(), exprKey{}, "simple-k-d"), f, nil)
assert.Nil(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, "simple-k-d", f.Key)    


type exprKey struct{}

func NewSimpleExecer(values [][]byte) (Execer, error) { n := len(values) if n != 2 { return nil, errors.New("syntax error: simple error") } switch { case bytes.Equal(values[1], []byte("key")): return &simpleKeyExecer{}, nil } return nil, fmt.Errorf("syntax error: not support simple %s", values[1]) }

type simpleKeyExecer struct{}

// Exec func (s *simpleKeyExecer) Exec(ctx context.Context, value reflect.Value, data interface{}, opt *DefaultOption) (context.Context, error) { err := TrySet(value, []string{ctx.Value(exprKey{}).(string)}, opt) return ctx, err }

// Name func (s *simpleKeyExecer) Name() string { return "simple.key" }

- Custom data verification logic, can realize verification in different scenarios, demo `validate:"is-awesome"`
func TestRegisterCustomValidation(t *testing.T) {
    g := NewGbind()

    g.RegisterCustomValidation("is-awesome", func(fl validator.FieldLevel) bool {
        return fl.Field().String() == "awesome"

        type Foo struct {
            Appkey string `gbind:"http.query.appkey" validate:"is-awesome"`
        f := &Foo{}
        req := NewReq().AddQueryParam("appkey", "awesome").R()
        _, err := g.BindWithValidate(context.Background(), f, req)
        assert.Nil(t, err)


  • Stressed the binding capabilities of the gin framework and the gbind package. The simple binding capabilities of query+form, gbind has a performance improvement of more than 10 times, and the complex binding capabilities of query+form+header, gbind has 30 times or more performance improvement, the specific data are as follows

    • HTTP query+form parameter binding, gin, gbind package comparison BenchmarkBind/gin-query-form-8 612357 1937 ns/op 304 B/op 20 allocs/op BenchmarkBind/gbind-query-form-8 6981271 171.3 ns/op 200 B/op 5 allocs/op
    • HTTP query+form+cookie parameter binding, gin, gbind package comparison BenchmarkBind/gin-query-form-header-8 232152 5143 ns/op 736 B/op 53 allocs/op BenchmarkBind/gbind-query-form-header-8 6673236 180.0 ns/op 232 B/op 5 allocs/op

Binding supported underlying data types

  • basic data type
    • int、int8、int16、int32、int64
    • uint、uint8、uint16、uint32、uint64
    • float32、float64
    • bool
    • string
  • other data types
    • ptr
      • *int、*uint、*float32、*string
      • int、uint、float32、string
      • Multilevel pointer to any underlying data type
    • slice
      • []int, []uint, []bool, []string, etc.
      • []*int, []*uint, []*bool, []*string, etc.
      • a slice of any underlying data type (including pointers)
    • array
      • [1]int, [2]uint, [3]bool, [4]string, etc.
      • [5]*int, [6]*uint, [7]*bool, [8]*string, etc.
      • Arrays of any underlying data type (including pointers)
      • time.Duration