Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Third-party APIs    
Latest version: v1.2.0

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go-atlassian is a Go module that enables the interaction with the Atlassian Cloud Services.

✨ Features

🛫 Jira Software Cloud

  • CRUD Application Roles, Dashboards, Filters, Groups, Issues.
  • Search Issues using the JQL query.
  • Add attachments into JIRA issues, and transition issues.
  • Creation of issue(s) using the instance custom_fields.
  • Edit issues using the operation's method (add,remove,replace).
  • Assign issues and send custom mail notifications.
  • CRUD the Issue Field Configuration, Issue Type Screen Scheme, and Permission Scheme.
  • CRUD custom_fields contexts and options.
  • Link issues and create new issue link types.
  • Get the issue priorities and resolutions.
  • CRUD Screen Screens, Screens and Screen Tabs.
  • CRUD issue votes and watchers.
  • CRUD Jira Project(s), Project Categories, Project Components, Project Versions.
  • CRUD Project Roles and add/remove project actors(users).
  • Validate new Jira Project Name or Key.
  • Add Jira Field into Screen.
  • Get or Cancel Jira Async Task(s).
  • CRUD Jira Users and Search users.
  • Check the user permissions

🛬 Jira Service Management Cloud

  • CRUD JSM Customer(s).
  • Search JSM Knowledgebase Articles.
  • CRUD JSM Organizations and manipulates the Organization's Users.
  • Get(s) and Answer Approval(s) and SLA(s).
  • CRUD JSM Feedback(s) and Participant(s).
  • Get(s) JSM Projects and Queues.
  • CRUD JSM Request Types.

🛸 Atlassian Admin Cloud

  • Get Organization(s), Verified Domain(s), Audit Log(s), and Event Actions.
  • CRUD Organization Polities.
  • Enable/Disable an Organization User.
  • Get/Update Organization User.
  • Get/Delete Organization User Token(s).
  • Create/Deactivate/Get(s)/Update/Path SCIM User(s).
  • Create/Get(s)/Update/Delete SCIM Group(s).
  • Get SCIM Schema(s).

🛰️ Confluence Cloud

  • In Development 🔨

🚠 Jira Agile Cloud

  • Get the board backlogs issues.
  • Get the board configuration (Filter, Admin, Columns, etc).
  • Create a new Jira Board.
  • Extract the Epics associated with a board ID.
  • Get the boards are linked to the same filter ID.
  • Get a board by ID.
  • Get the board issues.
  • Get the board issues linked to the Epic.
  • Get the board issues are not linked to any Epic.
  • Move the backlogs issues to the board (Kanban Backlog must be enabled).
  • Get the projects associated to a board.
  • Get the sprints linked to a board.
  • Get the versions associated to the board.
  • Get the Epic Metadata.
  • Get the issues associated to the Epic Key.
  • Create/Close/Delete/Get Sprints.
  • Get the Sprint issues.
  • Start a sprint.
  • Path/Update sprint. (Name, Start/End Date, etc.)

🔰 Installation

Make sure you have Go installed (download). Version 1.13 or higher is required.

## Jira Software Cloud / Service Management Cloud / Jira Agile Cloud
$ go get -u -v github.com/ctreminiom/go-atlassian/jira/

## Atlassian Cloud Admin
$ go get -u -v github.com/ctreminiom/go-atlassian/admin/

📓 Documentation

Documentation is hosted live at https://docs.go-atlassian.io/

📝 Usage

More examples in jira/examples admin/examples jira/sm/examples directories. Here's a short example of how to get a Jira Issue:

package main

import (

func main() {

    var (
        host  = os.Getenv("HOST")
        mail  = os.Getenv("MAIL")
        token = os.Getenv("TOKEN")

    atlassian, err := jira.New(nil, host)
    if err != nil {

    atlassian.Auth.SetBasicAuth(mail, token)

    issue, response, err := atlassian.Issue.Get(context.Background(), "KP-12", nil, []string{"transitions"})
    if err != nil {
        if response != nil {
            log.Println("Response HTTP Response", string(response.BodyAsBytes))

    log.Println("Response HTTP Code", response.StatusCode)
    log.Println("HTTP Endpoint Used", response.Endpoint)


    for _, transition := range issue.Transitions {
        log.Println(transition.Name, transition.ID, transition.To.ID, transition.HasScreen)


⭐️ Project assistance

If you want to say thank you or/and support active development of go-atlassian:

  • Add a GitHub Star to the project.
  • Write interesting articles about project on Dev.to, Medium or personal blog.
  • Support the project by donating a cup of coffee.
  • Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
  • Feel free to check issues page.

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💡 Inspiration

The project was created with the purpose to provide a unique point to provide an interface for interacting with Atlassian products. This module is highly inspired by the Go library https://github.com/andygrunwald/go-jira but focused on Cloud solutions.

🧪 Run Test Cases

go test -v ./...

💳 Credits

In addition to all the contributors we would like to thank these vendors:

  • Atlassian for developing such a powerful ecosystem.
  • Gitbook for provided full features for open-source projects

📝 License

Copyright © 2021 Carlos Treminio. This project is MIT licensed.

FOSSA Status

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the go-atlassian README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.