go-i18n v2.0.0-beta.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-10 // 10 months ago
  • 👀 There is one small backwards incompatible change from beta.6, which is that you now need to call NewBundle to create a bundle (instead of using a struct literal). See https://github.com/nicksnyder/go-i18n/pull/163/files.

    There are no more known issues filed on the repo that would prevent v2.0.0 from being tagged but I am going to let beta.7 bake for a bit before actually tagging v2.0.0.

    🔄 Changelog

    6d605d0 attempt fallback to "other" plural form (#174)
    🏗 4cc2a0f fix build
    🚚 a8a5c04 remove LocalizeMessageID until extract can extract it
    20fdd68 add convenience functions (#173)
    3b00441 improve readme
    👍 245a313 support artificial languages (#171)
    ⚡️ 8ad1b00 update x/text
    1c44ce2 export message (#170)
    14847a9 enable gofmt
    70cf5c1 cleanup
    a3498dc extract messages from slices and maps (#169)
    ⚡️ 4878883 update readme to reflect changes made in #163
    030e502 handle null in json (#166)
    b2843f1 escape extracted strings correctly (#165)
    45eb7b3 don't extract strings from _test.go files (#164)
    🚚 5a9fdb7 add NewBundle and remove init (#163)
    7e9faa0 go 1.12
    🚚 7e1988a remove sudo:false (#162)
    🌐 8b3465d Nested translation support (#157)
    7a73c96 Fix deserialization of leftDelim and rightDelim
    d698e2f Provide nice output of plural form not found error (#147)
    cc0ca3b add .golangci.yml (#144)