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License: MIT License
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go-myanimelist is a Go client library for accessing the MyAnimeList API.

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Project Status

The MyAnimeList API has been stable for years and as of the latest version, the API of this package is fixed. Unless MyAnimeList changes their API, this project can be considered complete.

As of March 2017, this package is featured in awesome-go.


This package can be installed using:

go get github.com/nstratos/go-myanimelist/mal


Import the package using:

import "github.com/nstratos/go-myanimelist/mal"

First construct a new mal client:

c := mal.NewClient()

Then use one of the client's services (Account, Anime or Manga) to access the different MyAnimeList API methods.


To get the anime and manga list of a user:

c := mal.NewClient()

list, _, err := c.Anime.List("Xinil")
// ...

list, _, err := c.Manga.List("Xinil")
// ...


Beyond List, the rest of the methods require authentication so typically you will use an option to pass username and password to NewClient:

c := mal.NewClient(
    mal.Auth("<your username>", "<your password>"),


To search for anime and manga:

c := mal.NewClient(mal.Auth("<your username>", "<your password>"))

result, _, err := c.Anime.Search("bebop")
// ...

result, _, err := c.Manga.Search("bebop")
// ...

For more complex searches, you can provide the % operator which acts as a wildcard and is escaped as %% in Go:

result, _, err := c.Anime.Search("fate%%heaven%%flower")
// ...
// Will return: Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. presage flower

Note: This is an undocumented feature of the MyAnimeList Search method.


To add anime and manga, you provide their IDs and values through AnimeEntry and MangaEntry:

c := mal.NewClient(mal.Auth("<your username>", "<your password>"))

_, err := c.Anime.Add(9989, mal.AnimeEntry{Status: mal.Current, Episode: 1})
// ...

_, err := c.Manga.Add(35733, mal.MangaEntry{Status: mal.Planned, Chapter: 1, Volume: 1})
// ...

Note that when adding entries, Status is required.


Similar to Add, Update also needs the ID of the entry and the values to be updated:

c := mal.NewClient(mal.Auth("<your username>", "<your password>"))

_, err := c.Anime.Update(9989, mal.AnimeEntry{Status: mal.Completed, Score: 9})
// ...

_, err := c.Manga.Update(35733, mal.MangaEntry{Status: mal.OnHold})
// ...


To delete anime and manga, simply provide their IDs:

c := mal.NewClient(mal.Auth("<your username>", "<your password>"))

_, err := c.Anime.Delete(9989)
// ...

_, err := c.Manga.Delete(35733)
// ...

More Examples

See package examples: https://godoc.org/github.com/nstratos/go-myanimelist/mal#pkg-examples

Advanced Control

If you need more control over the created requests, you can use an option to pass a custom HTTP client to NewClient:

c := mal.NewClient(

For example this http.Client will make sure to cancel any request that takes longer than 1 second:

httpcl := &http.Client{
    Timeout: 1 * time.Second,
c := mal.NewClient(mal.HTTPClient(httpcl))
// ...

Unit Testing

To run all unit tests:

go test -cover

To see test coverage in your browser:

go test -covermode=count -coverprofile=count.out && go tool cover -html count.out

Integration Testing

The integration tests will exercise the entire package against the live MyAnimeList API. As a result, these tests take much longer to run and there is also a much higher chance of false positives in test failures due to network issues etc.

These tests are meant to be run using a dedicated test account that contains empty anime and manga lists. The username and password of the test account need to be provided every time.

To run the integration tests:

go test -tags=integration -username '<test account username>' -password '<test account password>'



*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the go-myanimelist README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.