go-polynym v0.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-21 // over 3 years ago
  • 💥 Breaking Changes

    client is now added as a parameter to GetAddress()

    🔄 Changelog

    🔨 150dbc3 Refactor client for mocking and testing
    46559a4 Start a test for retry count
    63ae751 Test error in Do, minor edits
    12480ec Two more test cases
    ⬆️ 7ed66e8 Upgraded deps

Previous changes from v0.2.5

  • 🔄 Changelog

    da299fa Added code coverage
    ⚡️ 970e65a Minor update to makefile and readme
    ⚡️ 99fa3a6 Updated makefile
    ⚡️ a7688d2 Updated makefile library
    ⬆️ cc9430b Upgraded heimdall to v6
    65c3c30 Use make in travis