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Changelog History

  • v1.3.1 Changes

    November 19, 2020

    πŸ›  Fix

    Avoid panic if the covered service failed to register #129 (Author: @Vieira-zj )

  • v1.3.0 Changes

    October 21, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    • πŸ‘Œ Support remove the registered service by service&addr #115 (Author: @lyyyuna )

    πŸ›  Fix

    • πŸ›  Fix build issues on project which has multiple/multi-layer internal packages #124 (Author: @lyyyuna )
  • v1.2.4 Changes

    October 07, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    • πŸ‘Œ Support configuring the persistence file path for goc server #120 (Author: @tongjingran )
    • πŸ‘Œ Support clear coverage by service&addr #112 (Author: @lyyyuna )

    πŸ›  Fix

    • πŸ›  Fix windows file path incompatible issue for goc VSCode plugin #114 (Author: @lyyyuna )
  • v1.2.3 Changes

    September 08, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    • πŸ‘Œ support --coverfile flag in goc profile command to only get coverage data of files matching the specific patterns #104 (Author: @CarlJi οΌ‰
    • ✨ provide vscode extension for goc to enhance its ecosystem #99 (Author: @lyyyuna )
  • v1.2.2 Changes

    August 06, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    πŸ‘Œ support goc merge command #91

    πŸ›  Fix

    πŸ›  fix to use specific port even the temp address file existed #90

  • v1.2.1 Changes

    July 21, 2020

    πŸ›  Fix

    1. make profile flag description more clearer #79
  • v1.2.0 Changes

    July 20, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    πŸ‘ 1. goc profile supports to get single/several services' profile by name or address list (#66, #67).

    πŸ›  Fix

    πŸ— 1. fix wrong goc build output binary name under some conditions (#68 ).

  • v1.1.0 Changes

    July 04, 2020

    πŸ”‹ Feature

    πŸ‘ 1. support goc auto-version management #60 #55 πŸ›  2. support specific fixed port when compile service #54

    πŸ›  Fix

    πŸ‘» 1. Compatible with more Go List exception scenarios #58

  • v1.0.1 Changes

    June 27, 2020

    πŸ›  Fixes

    • πŸ›  Fix the document for goc build and run command #47
  • v1.0.0 Changes

    June 19, 2020
    goc is a comprehensive coverage testing tool for go language.
    Find more information at:
      goc [command]
    Available Commands:
      build Do cover for all go files and execute go build command
      clear Clear code coverage counters of all the registered services
      diff Do coverage profile diff analysis, it can also work with prow and post comments to github pull request if needed
      help Help about any command
      init Clear the register information in order to start a new round of tests
      install Do cover for all go files and execute go install command
      list Lists all the registered services
      profile Get coverage profile from service registry center
      register Register a service into service center
      run Run covers and runs the named main Go package
      server Start a service registry center
          --debug run goc in debug mode
      -h, --help help for goc
    Use "goc [command] --help" for more information about a command.