Programming language: Go
License: Apache License 2.0
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Golang bindings for GDAL

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Godal aims at providing an idiomatic go wrapper around the GDAL library:

  • Function calls return a result and an error. The result will be valid if no error was returned. The error message will contain the root cause of why the error happened.
  • Calls between go and native libraries incur some overhead. As such godal does not strictly expose GDAL's API, but groups often-used calls in a single cgo function to reduce this overhead. For example, C code like c++ hDS = GDALOpen(filename, GA_Readonly) if (hDS == NULL) exit(1); int sx = GDALGetRasterXSize(hDS); int sy = GDALGetRasterYSize(hDS); int nBands = GDALGetRasterCount(hDS); printf("dataset size: %dx%dx%d\n",sx,sy,nBands); for (int i=1; i<=nBands; i++) { hBand = GDALGetRasterBand(hDS,i); int ovrCount = GDALGetOverviewCount(hBand) for(int o=0; o<=ovrCount; o++) { GDALRasterBandH oBand = GDALGetOverview(hBand,o); int osx = GDALGetRasterBandXSize(oBand); int osy = GDALGetRasterBandYSize(oBand); printf("overview %d size: %dx%d\n",o,osx,osy); } } will be written as go hDS,err := godal.Open(filename) if err!=nil { panic(err) } structure := hDS.Structure() fmt.Printf("dataset size: %dx%dx%d\n", structure.SizeX,structure.SizeY,structure.NBands) for _,band := range hDS.Bands() { for o,ovr := range band.Overviews() { bstruct := ovr.Structure() fmt.Printf("overview %d size: %dx%d\n",o,bstruct.SizeX,bstruct.SizeY) } }
  • Unfrequently used or non-default parameters are passed as options: go ds,err := godal.Open(filename) //read-only ds,err := godal.Open(filename, Update()) //read-write
  • Godal exposes a VSI handler that can easily allow you to expose an io.ReaderAt as a filename that can be opened by GDAL. A handler for opening gs:// google cloud storage URIs is provided through https://github.com/airbusgeo/osio


GoReference contains the API reference and example code to get you started. The *_test.go files can also be used as reference.


Godal is not feature complete. The raster side is nearing completion and should remain stable. The vector and spatial-referencing sides are far from complete, meaning that the API might evolve in backwards incompatible ways until essential functionality is covered.


Contributions are welcome. Please read the [contribution guidelines](CONTRIBUTING.md) before submitting fixes or enhancements.


Godal requires a GDAL version greater than 3.0. Make sure the GDAL headers are installed on the system used for compiling go+godal code. If using a GDAL installation in a non standard location, you can set your PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable, e.g. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/include/pkgconfig.


Godal is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the godal README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.