Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Third-party APIs    
Latest version: v1.1.4

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Google Trends API for Go

Unofficial Google Trends API for Golang

Mentioned in Awesome Go Go Doc Coverage Status Go Report Card License

gogtrends is API wrapper which allows to get reports from Google Trends.

All contributions, updates and issues are warmly welcome.


go get -u github.com/groovili/gogtrends


To see request-response details use gogtrends.Debug(true)


Daily and Realtime trends used as it is. For both methods user interface language are required. For Realtime trends category is required param, list of available categories - TrendsCategories.

Please notice that Realtime trends are available only for limited list of locations.

For InterestOverTime, InterestByLocation and Related - widget and user interface language are required.

To get widget you should call Explore methods first, it will return constant list of available widgets, every widget corresponds to methods above.

Widget includes request params and unique token for every method.

Also Explore method supports single and multiple items for comparision. Please take a look at ExploreRequest input. It supports search by multiple categories and locations which you can get as tree structure by ExploreCategories and ExploreLocations.

Please notice, when you call Explore method for keywords comparison, two first widgets would be for all of compared items, next widgets would be for each of individual items.

Available methods

  • Daily(ctx context.Context, hl, loc string) ([]*TrendingSearch, error) - daily trends descending ordered by days and articles corresponding to it.

  • Realtime(ctx context.Context, hl, loc, cat string) ([]*TrendingStory, error) - represents realtime trends with included articles and sources.

  • Explore(ctx context.Context, r *ExploreRequest, hl string) ([]*ExploreWidget, error) - widgets with tokens. Every widget is related to specific method (InterestOverTime, InterestByLocation, Related) and contains required token and request information.

  • InterestOverTime(ctx context.Context, w *ExploreWidget, hl string) ([]*Timeline, error) - interest over time, dots for chart.

  • InterestByLocation(ctx context.Context, w *ExploreWidget, hl string) ([]*GeoMap, error) - interest by location, list for map with geo codes and interest values.

  • Related(ctx context.Context, w *ExploreWidget, hl string) ([]*RankedKeyword, error) - related topics or queries, supports two types of widgets.

  • TrendsCategories() map[string]string - available categories for Realtime trends.

  • ExploreCategories(ctx context.Context) (*ExploreCatTree, error) - tree of categories for explore and comparison. Called once, then returned from cache.

  • ExploreLocations(ctx context.Context) (*ExploreLocTree, error) - tree of locations for explore and comparison. Called once, then returned from cache.

  • hl - string, user interface language

  • loc - string, uppercase location (geo) country code, example "US" - United States

  • cat - string, lowercase category for real time trends, example "all" - all categories

  • exploreReq - ExploreRequest struct, represents search or comparison items.

  • widget - ExploreWidget struct, specific for every method, can be received by Explore method.


Working detailed examples for all methods and cases can be found in example folder. Short version below.

// Daily trends
ctx := context.Background()
dailySearches, err := gogtrends.Daily(ctx, "EN", "US")
// Get available trends categories and realtime trends
cats := gogtrends.TrendsCategories()
realtime, err := gogtrends.Realtime(ctx, "EN", "US", "all")
// Explore available widgets for keywords and get all available stats for it
explore, err := gogtrends.Explore(ctx, 
            ComparisonItems: []*gogtrends.ComparisonItem{
                    Keyword: "Go",
                    Geo:     "US",
                    Time:    "today 12-m",
            Category: 31, // Programming category
            Property: "",
        }, "EN")

// Interest over time
overTime, err := gogtrends.InterestOverTime(ctx, explore[0], "EN")

// Interest by location
byLoc, err := gogtrends.InterestByLocation(ctx, explore[1], "EN")

// Related topics for keyword
relT, err := gogtrends.Related(ctx, explore[2], "EN")

// Related queries for keyword
relQ, err := gogtrends.Related(ctx, explore[3], "EN")

// Compare keywords interest
compare, err := gogtrends.Explore(ctx, 
            ComparisonItems: []*gogtrends.ComparisonItem{
                    Keyword: "Go",
                    Geo:     "US",
                    Time:    "today 12-m",
                    Keyword: "Python",
                    Geo:     "US",
                    Time:    "today 12-m",
                    Keyword: "PHP",
                    Geo:     "US",
                    Time:    "today 12-m",
            Category: 31, // Programming category
            Property: "",
        }, "EN")


Package is distributed under MIT Licence.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the gogtrends README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.