Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: ORM    
Latest version: v3.0.4

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mysql database to golang struct conversion tools base on gorm(v1/v2),You can automatically generate golang sturct from mysql database. big Camel-Case Name Rule, JSON tag.

gui support


./gormt -g=true

cmd support


./gormt -g=false


go get -u -v github.com/xxjwxc/gormt@master

or: Dowloading

1. Configure default configuration items through the current directory config.yml file

note: for latest version of config format, please check /data/config/MyIni.go

out_dir : "./model"  # out dir
url_tag : json # web url tag(json,db(https://github.com/google/go-querystring))
language :  # language(English,中 文)
db_tag : gorm # DB tag(gorm,db)
simple : false #simple output
is_out_sql : false # Whether to output sql
is_out_func : true # Whether to output function
is_foreign_key : true # Whether to mark foreign key or not
is_gui : false # Whether to operate on gui
is_table_name : false # Whether to out GetTableName/column function
is_null_to_point : false # database is 'DEFAULT NULL' then set element type as point
is_web_tag: false
is_web_tag_pk_hidden: false
table_prefix: "" #table prefix
table_names: "" # Specified table generation, multiple tables with , separated
is_column_name: true # Whether to generate column names
is_out_file_by_table_name: false # Whether to generate multiple models based on table names
db_info :
    host : ""
    port : 3306
    username : "root"
    password : "qwer"
    database : "oauth_db"
    type: 0 # database type (0:mysql , 1:sqlite , 2:mssql)
self_type_define: # Custom data type mapping
    datetime: time.Time
    date: time.Time
out_file_name: "" # Custom build file name
web_tag_type: 0 # json tag 0: Small Camel-Case 1: _

2. get help

./gormt --help
./gormt -h

base on gorm tools for mysql database to golang struct

  main [flags]

  -d, --database string   数据库名
  -f, --foreign           是否导出外键关联
  -F, --fun               是否导出函数
  -g, --gui               是否ui显示模式
  -h, --help              help for main
  -H, --host string       数据库地址.(注意-H为大写)
  -o, --outdir string     输出目录
  -p, --password string   密码.
      --port int          端口号 (default 3306)
  -s, --singular          是否禁用表名复数
  -b, --table_names string 表名称  
  -l, --url string        url标签(json,url)
  -u, --user string       用户名.

3. Can be updated configuration items using command line tools

./gormt -H= -d=oauth_db -p=qwer -u=root --port=3306 -F=true

4. Support for gorm attributes

  • Database tables, column field annotation support
  • json tag json tag output
  • gorm.Model [Support export gorm.model>>>](doc/export.md)
  • PRIMARY_KEY Specifies column as primary key
  • UNIQUE Specifies column as unique
  • NOT NULL Specifies column as NOT NULL
  • INDEX Create index with or without name, same name creates composite indexes
  • UNIQUE_INDEX Like INDEX, create unique index
  • Support foreign key related properties [Support export gorm.model>>>](doc/export.md)
  • Support function export (foreign key, association, index , unique and more)Support export function >>>
  • model.Condition{} sql link

You can enrich data types in [def](data/view/cnf/def.go)

5. Demonstration

  • sql: CREATE TABLE `user_account_tbl` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `account` varchar(64) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL, `password` varchar(64) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL, `account_type` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT '帐号类型:0手机号,1邮件', `app_key` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL COMMENT 'authbucket_oauth2_client表的id', `user_info_tbl_id` int(11) NOT NULL, `reg_time` datetime DEFAULT NULL, `reg_ip` varchar(15) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci DEFAULT NULL, `bundle_id` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci DEFAULT NULL, `describ` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) USING BTREE, UNIQUE KEY `account` (`account`) USING BTREE, KEY `user_info_id` (`user_info_tbl_id`) USING BTREE, CONSTRAINT `user_account_tbl_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`user_info_tbl_id`) REFERENCES `user_info_tbl` (`id`) ON DELETE RESTRICT ON UPDATE RESTRICT ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=38 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci COMMENT='用户账号'
--->Derived results
// UserAccountTbl 用户账号
type UserAccountTbl struct {
    ID            int    `gorm:"primary_key"`
    Account       string `gorm:"unique"`
    Password      string
    AccountType   int         // 帐号类型:0手机号,1邮件
    AppKey        string      // authbucket_oauth2_client表的id
    UserInfoTblID int         `gorm:"index"`
    UserInfoTbl   UserInfoTbl `gorm:"association_foreignkey:user_info_tbl_id;foreignkey:id"` // 用户信息
    RegTime       time.Time
    RegIP         string
    BundleID      string
    Describ       string


6. support func export

The exported function is only the auxiliary class function of Gorm, and calls Gorm completely

// FetchByPrimaryKey primary or index 获取唯一内容
func (obj *_UserAccountTblMgr) FetchByPrimaryKey(ID int) (result UserAccountTbl, err error) {
    err = obj.DB.Table(obj.GetTableName()).Where("id = ?", ID).Find(&result).Error
    if err == nil && obj.isRelated {
            var info UserInfoTbl // 用户信息
            err = obj.DB.Table("user_info_tbl").Where("id = ?", result.UserInfoTblID).Find(&info).Error
            if err != nil {
            result.UserInfoTbl = info



how to use call style>>>

7. page

Use of paging query in gormt

8. build

make windows
make linux
make mac


go generate

note : in windows not support utf-8 style . ASCALL model

  • Switch encoding mode CHCP 65001

column notes default

  • Add a comment to the column starting with [@gorm default:'test']
  • example [@gorm default:'test';->;<-:create]this is my notes Indicates that the default value is 'test',can read/creat/write
  • Use of foreign key notes[@fk tableName.columnName]this is my notes Represents the 'columnName' column associated with the 'tableName'

9. one windows gui tools






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