Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Third-party APIs    
Latest version: v2.0.12

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Go VK bot package

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This is simple VK.com bot API.

At 2019-03-01 VK was restrict messages.send for user_tokens. This bot can work with group_token, and access to chat members if has admin rights in chat. You can use v1.0.1 also, if you need only user_token access.

It can:

  • Reply to messages (private and chat)
  • Send greetings message when invited to chat
  • Add and remove mutual friends
  • Send notifies to admin


Use go mod For old Go versions you can also use go get github.com/nikepan/govkbot/v2

For work you need get VK access token with rights: messages,friends,offline (see below).


package main
import "github.com/nikepan/govkbot/v2"
import "log"

var VKAdminID = 3759927
var VKToken = "efjr98j9fj8jf4j958jj4985jfj9joijerf0fj548jf94jfiroefije495jf48"

func helpHandler(m *govkbot.Message) (reply string) {
  return "help received"

func startHandler(m *govkbot.Message) (reply govkbot.Reply) {
    keyboard := govkbot.Keyboard{Buttons: make([][]govkbot.Button, 0)}
    button := govkbot.NewButton("/help", nil)
    row := make([]govkbot.Button, 0)
    row = append(row, button)
    keyboard.Buttons = append(keyboard.Buttons, row)

    return govkbot.Reply{Msg: availableCommands, Keyboard: &keyboard}

func errorHandler(m *govkbot.Message, err error) {

func main() {
    //govkbot.HandleMessage("/", anyHandler)
    //govkbot.HandleMessage("/me", meHandler)
    govkbot.HandleMessage("/help", helpHandler)
    govkbot.HandleAdvancedMessage("/start", startHandler)

    //govkbot.HandleAction("chat_invite_user", inviteHandler)
    //govkbot.HandleAction("chat_kick_user", kickHandler)
    //govkbot.HandleAction("friend_add", addFriendHandler)
    //govkbot.HandleAction("friend_delete", deleteFriendHandler)


    govkbot.SetAutoFriend(true) // enable auto accept/delete friends

    govkbot.SetDebug(true) // log debug messages

    // Optional Direct VK API access
    govkbot.SetAPI(VKToken, "", "") // Need only before Listen, if you use direct API
    me, _ := govkbot.API.Me() // call API method
    log.Printf("current user: %+v\n", me.FullName())
    // Optional end

    govkbot.Listen(VKToken, "", "", VKAdminID)

Getting group token

Open group manage and select "Work with API"

Getting user token (most likely will not work for messages)

You need standalone vk app_id. You can use any app_id from https://vk.com/apps?act=wingames, for example 4775211 (Or you can create own app and get app_id on page https://vk.com/editapp?act=create (standalone app))

You can get token from you server ip with this node.js package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/vk-auth (you need login, pass and app_id)

To manual get token you need:

  1. Open in browser with logged in VK (you must use IP, where you want run bot) https://oauth.vk.com/authorize?client_id={{app_id}}&scope=offline,groups,messages,friends&display=page&response_type=token&redirect_uri=https://oauth.vk.com/blank.html
  2. Copy token query parameter from URL string. Token valid only for IP from what you get it.

If you receive validation check (for example, you use ip first time)

{"error":{"error_code":17,"error_msg":"Validation required: please open redirect_uri in browser ...", 

you can use https://github.com/Yashko/vk-validation-node.