Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: HTML     Css     Utility     Text Processing    
Latest version: v1.2.1

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Library and cli-utility for extracting data from HTML via CSS selectors


Install package and command line utility:

go get -u github.com/msoap/html2data/cmd/html2data

Install package only:

go get -u github.com/msoap/html2data


  • FromReader(io.Reader) - create document for parse
  • FromURL(URL, [config URLCfg]) - create document from http(s) URL
  • FromFile(file) - create document from local file
  • doc.GetData(css map[string]string) - get texts by CSS selectors
  • doc.GetDataFirst(css map[string]string) - get texts by CSS selectors, get first entry for each selector or ""
  • doc.GetDataNested(outerCss string, css map[string]string) - extract nested data by CSS-selectors from another CSS-selector
  • doc.GetDataNestedFirst(outerCss string, css map[string]string) - extract nested data by CSS-selectors from another CSS-selector, get first entry for each selector or ""
  • doc.GetDataSingle(css string) - get one result by one CSS selector

or with config:

  • doc.GetData(css map[string]string, html2data.Cfg{DontTrimSpaces: true})
  • doc.GetDataNested(outerCss string, css map[string]string, html2data.Cfg{DontTrimSpaces: true})
  • doc.GetDataSingle(css string, html2data.Cfg{DontTrimSpaces: true})


  • :attr(attr_name) - getting attribute instead of text, for example getting urls from links: a:attr(href)
  • :html - getting HTML instead of text
  • :get(N) - getting n-th element from list


package main

import (


func main() {
    doc := html2data.FromURL("http://example.com")
    // or with config
    // doc := html2data.FromURL("http://example.com", html2data.URLCfg{UA: "userAgent", TimeOut: 10, DontDetectCharset: false})
    if doc.Err != nil {

    // get title
    title, _ := doc.GetDataSingle("title")
    fmt.Println("Title is:", title)

    title, _ = doc.GetDataSingle("title", html2data.Cfg{DontTrimSpaces: true})
    fmt.Println("Title as is, with spaces:", title)

    texts, _ := doc.GetData(map[string]string{"h1": "h1", "links": "a:attr(href)"})
    // get all H1 headers:
    if textOne, ok := texts["h1"]; ok {
        for _, text := range textOne {
    // get all urls from links
    if links, ok := texts["links"]; ok {
        for _, text := range links {

Command line utility

Homebrew formula exists Snap Status


html2data [options] URL "css selector"
html2data [options] URL :name1 "css1" :name2 "css2"...
html2data [options] file.html "css selector"
cat file.html | html2data "css selector"


  • -user-agent="Custom UA" -- set custom user-agent
  • -find-in="outer.css.selector" -- search in the specified elements instead document
  • -json -- get result as JSON
  • -dont-trim-spaces -- get text as is
  • -dont-detect-charset -- don't detect charset and convert text
  • -timeout=10 -- setting timeout when loading the URL


Download binaries from: releases (OS X/Linux/Windows/RaspberryPi)

Or install from homebrew (MacOS):

brew tap msoap/tools
brew install html2data
# update:
brew upgrade html2data

Using snap (Ubuntu or any Linux distribution with snap):

# install stable version:
sudo snap install html2data

# install the latest version:
sudo snap install --edge html2data

# update
sudo snap refresh html2data

From source:

go get -u github.com/msoap/html2data/cmd/html2data


Get title of page:

html2data https://golang.org/ title

Last blog posts:

html2data https://blog.golang.org/ h3

Getting RSS URL:

html2data https://blog.golang.org/ 'link[type="application/atom+xml"]:attr(href)'

More examples from wiki.

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