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An improved version of HyperLogLog for the count-distinct problem, approximating the number of distinct elements in a multiset using 33-50% less space than other usual HyperLogLog implementations.

This work is based on "Better with fewer bits: Improving the performance of cardinality estimation of large data streams - Qingjun Xiao, You Zhou, Shigang Chen".


The core differences between this and other implementations are:

  • use metro hash instead of xxhash
  • sparse representation for lower cardinalities (like HyperLogLog++)
  • loglog-beta for dynamic bias correction medium and high cardinalities.
  • 4-bit register instead of 5 (HLL) and 6 (HLL++), but most implementations use 1-byte registers out of convenience

In general it borrows a lot from InfluxData's fork of Clark Duvall's HyperLogLog++ implementation, but uses 50% less space.


A direct comparison with the HyperLogLog++ implementation used by InfluxDB yielded the following results:

Exact Axiom (8.2 KB) Influx (16.39 KB)
10 10 (0.0% off) 10 (0.0% off)
50 50 (0.0% off) 50 (0.0% off)
250 250 (0.0% off) 250 (0.0% off)
1250 1249 (0.08% off) 1249 (0.08% off)
6250 6250 (0.0% off) 6250 (0.0% off)
31250 31008 (0.7744% off) 31565 (1.0080% off)
156250 156013 (0.1517% off) 156652 (0.2573% off)
781250 782364 (0.1426% off) 775988 (0.6735% off)
3906250 3869332 (0.9451% off) 3889909 (0.4183% off)
10000000 9952682 (0.4732% off) 9889556 (1.1044% off)


A big thank you to Prof. Shigang Chen and his team at the University of Florida who are actively conducting research around "Big Network Data".

An Axiom production.

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