imaginary v1.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-02-21 // over 1 year ago
  • 🏷 Tagging release 1.1.0

    🚀 This release changes the way parameters are handled, by tracking the differences between their default value and whether they were passed along with their default value. This can result in slightly different behaviour, especially with the nocrop parameter.

    🚀 Docker releases

    🚀 Note that by introducing a new minor release we now have:

    • ✅ h2non/imaginary:latest (following master, useful for any test environment)
    • ✅ h2non/imaginary:1 (equal to latest as long as we don't bump a major)
    • h2non/imaginary:1.1 (following master)
    • 🚀 h2non/imaginary:1.0 (following release/1.0.x)


    • master -- latest and "pretty stable", continues work for 1.1.x development
    • 🚀 release/1.0.x -- Old stable. Unsure how long it'll be maintained
    • 🚀 release/next -- new Docker refactoring work is being done here, expected to be merged in 1.1.x

    🔄 Changelog

    d83da84 Testing if an ImageOption false value, was in fact requested
    📚 246f796 Updating the documentation
    52d156d bumping to 1.1.0