jcli v0.0.30 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-20 // almost 4 years ago
  • What’s Changed

    πŸ— For many uses who want to integrate Jenkins into their own platform, they might meet a problem. How can I get the build ID after I triggered a job?

    ⏱ In order to have a better understanding about it. I guess you need to know the mechanism of Jenkins schedule. If a job was triggered, Jenkins will create a task in the waiting queue, once there is a appropriate agent is ready for it, then Jenkins will schedule it to that agent.

    πŸ— In another word, it's a asynchronous process. So you cannot get the build id immediately, because it has not started.

    πŸš€ There's my offer. Install plugin Pipeline restFul API v0.9 on your Jenkins, upgrade Jenkins CLI to v0.0.30. Then take the following command:

    πŸ— jcli job build job/devops/ -b --wait --columns Number --no-headers

    The output is 36.

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    • πŸ›  Fix cannot connect jnlp agent with http proxy (#420) @LinuxSuRen

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