Programming language: Go
License: MIT License
Tags: Utilities    
Latest version: v2.0.0

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Let's Go

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A module with some useful packages for anyone developing Golang applications on the cloud.

Packages include:

  • util -- a generic utility package
  • rest -- useful REST utilities. Primary deals with unmarshalling and marshalling JSON, as well as support for serializing/deserializing structs according to the JSON:API schema.
  • redis -- a package that provides utilities relevant to connecting with and interacting with a Redis cluster. This is a common use case for AWS Elasticache.
  • sql -- a package that provides utilities relevant to connecting to and interacting with a Postgres database. Makes use of the GORM library found here.
  • alb -- a package that helps format responses to be sent from an AWS Lambda function back to a triggering ALB, and therefore back to a client.
  • kinesis -- AWS Kinesis utility functions (putting payloads to a kinesis stream).

How do I use it?

Add the following to your go.mod file (or directly import it):

```shell script github.com/aplescia/lets-go