MailHog v1.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-08-11 // almost 3 years ago
  • 🚀 This is a minor bump, to get the project moving again, and to release some small changes including

    • 🔄 Change to official Golang docker image
    • 📚 Documentation updates
    • ➕ Addition of Ubuntu snap

    🚀 The target cadence going forward will be a minor release every three months, with features and enhancements. Security or bug fixes will be released as path releases.

Previous changes from v1.0.0

  • 🚀 There's still outstanding PRs and issues which haven't been addressed in this release.

    🚀 This is to get the updated release out with the latest code, since 0.2.1 is getting very stale!