Mercure v0.8.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-16 // 3 months ago
  • 🔄 Changelog

    fa46e19 Add missing comment
    f4d9591 Added link to a new Java library to publish messages
    👷 88ee203 Fix CI
    🏁 e62173c Fix installation instructions for Windows
    280b957 Mark the response as private for Fastly compat
    🔀 ef279e6 Merge pull request #216 from vitorluis/master
    🔀 ff97f29 Merge pull request #232 from dunglas/cache-control-private
    ⚡️ 30bfa2e Update and fix a warning in the spec
    ⚡️ 7f17cf9 Update config docs and upgrade guide (#219)
    ⚡️ 50c8cea Update logo

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8.1
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:latest

Previous changes from v0.8.0

  • 🔄 Changelog

    6451de9 Add @jderusse's http-broadcast and a german article (#186)
    🔧 4cf9b87 Add Acme HTTP01 listening configuration
    649d8cf Add FUNDING.yml
    👍 855e805 Add Support for RSA Algorithms (#156)
    d81de82 Add a test. Fix a link.
    👍 f3b4867 Add flags support, switch to Cobra (#207)
    🏁 195e987 Add missing quote for Windows
    266c8d1 Add static code analyzer golang-ci
    d8269b5 Added ca-bundle to final image (requried by ACME)
    0️⃣ b8dd05a Change the default URL of the hub
    f4d98ab Fix another header
    c4c0c95 Fix broken link in Getting Started
    🗄 358a6e6 Fix deprecated CloseNitifier interface
    f84150d Fix header
    ✏️ d0e464c Fix typos
    2cfb197 Improve spec consistency
    1c0bc61 Mac OS Catalina Installation error -> add to note
    🔀 068f74e Merge pull request #185 from castroCrea/patch-2
    🔀 2573caa Merge pull request #189 from jrwren/001-well-known-hub-url
    🔀 b83bed6 Merge pull request #192 from jderusse/acme-port
    🔀 08518b3 Merge pull request #195 from dunglas/dunglas-patch-1
    🔀 342c80a Merge pull request #197 from jderusse/golangci
    🔀 3ccad8c Merge pull request #198 from jderusse/fix-deprecated
    🔀 98c09aa Merge pull request #201 from dunglas/well-known
    🔀 9aac679 Merge pull request #204 from Richard87/patch-1
    🔀 904acdd Merge pull request #208 from dunglas/docs
    🐳 ee9309b Merge pull request #209 from dunglas/docker
    ♻️ 8eeda9f Refactor interfaces to ease Plugin integration (#193)
    🚚 81febe4 Remove images from Catalina Installation Error doc
    4a834cb Spec: fix ref to RFC3987
    👍 b4b4dd2 Support config files in JSON, TOML, YAML... and hot config reloading
    ⚡️ f1f60f2 Update docs
    ⚡️ af76086 Update the spec and the docs to use /.well-known/mercure
    5b263a1 Use an abs link for the OpenAPI spec
    🐳 10268ca Use distroless/static as base Docker image
    ⚡️ 7212669 update doc troubleshooting

    🐳 Docker images

    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8.0
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:v0.8
    • 🐳 docker pull dunglas/mercure:latest