mole v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-09-28 // over 2 years ago
  • ➕ Added

    • ➕ Add file to track changes on releases [89290e8]
    • ➕ Add new command to show running configuration of any mole instance [#161]
    • Stop foreground instances using the stop command [#158]
    • ➕ Add new command, misc rpc to explicitly execute procedures on running instances of mole [#148]
    • 0️⃣ rpc server (disabled by default) [#146]
    • 🆕 New flag to pass SSH config file path [#136]
    • ➕ Add new command: show logs [#132]

    🔄 Changed

    • 🔄 Change output of "show alias" to toml format. [#144]
    • Skip private key authentication in case of error (encrypted without passphrase, wrong format, ...) [#159] [#169]
    • Close reader/writer on ssh channel when finished or error occurs [#159]
    • Don't fail but create new empty config when no config (empty string) file was used [#159]
    • 🛠 Fix start alias flag parsing [#157]

    ✂ Deleted

Previous changes from v1.0.1



    🛠 BUGFIX: Verbose, Insecure and Detach flags are not working when loading from an alias [#127]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: The installation script can now receive a parameter to install a specific version instead of always installing the latest [#124]


    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Complete revamp of CLI user experience [#112]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Support for ssh remote port forwarding [#114]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Support for authentication ssh session using ssh agent [#102]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Add builds for ARM [#109]


    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Reconnect to SSH Server if connection drops for any reason (-connection-retries and -retry-wait) [#95]
    🛠 BUGFIX: SSH config file is required even if all required arguments were provided through CLI [#75]
    🛠 BUGFIX: Missing port in remote address [#86]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Configurable connection timeout [#92]
    🛠 BUGFIX: Fix persistence of insecure mode flag (-insecure) [#90]
    👌 IMPROVEMENT: Better protecting keys loaded in memory [#78]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Keep idle connection open by sending periodic synthetic packets (-keep-alive-interval flag) [#77]


    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Multiple tunnels using the same ssh connection (support for multiple -remote flags) [#72]
    INFRA: Project dependencies are now managed by Go modules instead of vendor/ [#69]


    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Windows Support! Mole now works on windows (tested on Windows 10) [#65]
    ✅ INFRA: Using Github Actions for code quality checks (e.g. unit tests, code formatting, etc.)
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Users will be prompted to enter the key's password if it is encrypted [#54]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Skip the host key validation by using the -insecure option [#52]
    🛠 BUGFIX: Server names can contain underscore character [#50]
    🛠 BUGFIX: Always use the same ssh connection if multiple clients use the same tunnel [#43]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Run mole in background by using the -detach option [#35]
    🛠 BUGFIX: Return error if required flags are missing [#33]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: New -aliases option added to list all configured aliases [#29]
    🆕 NEW FEATURE: LocalForward option from ssh config file will be used if both -local and -remote are absent [#18]
    🐳 INFRA: Developers can spawn a small local infra using docker to test their changes


    🆕 NEW FEATURE: Aliases can be created to reuse tunnel settings.
    ⚡️ Website update


    IP addresses of both local and remote are now optional
    ➕ Add -version option to display the current version
    🆕 New website:


    🚀 First release. No changes.