mvn-golang v3.0 Release Notes

    • added support of work with mvn-golang dependencies in maven repository, so now they can be used as just maven dependencies, it can be disabled through scanDependencies property. [example](./mvn-golang-examples/mvn-golang-example-maven-repository)
    • repository artifact extension changed to zip to provide way to be processed by standard maven plugins
    • added support of system properties 'mvngo.skip' and mvngo.disable.ssl.check
    • added jfrog-cli mojo to provide way make call to external JFrog CLI in tuned Go SDK environment, example.
    • added connectionTimeout property to provide timeout (milliseconds) for HTTP connections, default 60000 ms
    • #55 print log error stream into debug if command status is not error
    • added check of hash for downloaded SDK archive, can be disabled by false in parameter checkSdkHash, it checks hash provided in response header x-goog-hash
    • improved GoSDK loading