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  • olivia

    8.8 7.9 Go
    A chatbot built with an artificial neural network.
  • Kelp

    7.3 8.5 Go
    official trading and market-making bot for the Stellar DEX. Works out-of-the-box, written in Golang, compatible with centralized exchanges and custom trading strategies.
  • go-joe

    6.4 2.0 Go
    A general-purpose bot library inspired by Hubot but written in Go.
  • go-twitch-irc

    5.4 4.7 Go
    Libary to write bots for chat
  • ephemeral-roles

    3.1 8.2 Go
    A Discord bot for managing ephemeral roles based upon voice channel member presence.
  • slackscot

    3.0 0.0 Go
    Another framework for building Slack bots.
  • Slack Bot

    2.8 0.0 Go
    Ready to use Slack bot for lazy developers: start Jenkins jobs, watch Jira tickets, watch pull requests...