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Dependency Injection packages

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  • dig

    8.4 1.5 Go
    A reflection based dependency injection toolkit for Go.
  • fx

    8.4 5.1 Go
    A dependency injection based application framework for Go (built on top of dig).
  • container

    4.9 1.5 Go
    A powerful IoC Container with fluent and easy-to-use interface.
  • di

    3.8 5.5 Go
    A dependency injection container for go programming language.
  • goioc/di

    3.5 6.5 Go
    Spring-inspired Dependency Injection Container.
  • linker

    2.7 0.4 Go
    A reflection based dependency injection and inversion of control library with components lifecycle support.
  • gocontainer

    1.2 0.1 Go
    Simple Dependency Injection Container.
  • kinit

    0.7 6.8 Go
    Customizable dependency injection container with the global mode, cascade initialization and panic-safe finalization.
  • nject/npoint

    0.6 3.4 Go
    A type safe, reflective framework based on types for libraries, tests, and endpoints.