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HTTP Clients packages

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  • heimdall

    8.5 0.6 Go
    An enhanced HTTP client for Go
  • req

    8.5 9.8 Go
    Simple Go HTTP client with Black Magic
  • requests

    5.9 7.9 Go
    HTTP requests for Gophers
  • go-cleanhttp

    5.7 10.0 Go
    Get easily stdlib HTTP client, which does not share any state with other clients.
  • go-http-client

    3.0 0.3 Go
    An enhanced http client for Golang
  • sreq

    2.9 9.2 Go
    A simple, user-friendly and concurrent safe HTTP request library for Go.
  • httpretry

    2.0 0.0 Go
    Enriches the standard go http client with retry functionality.
  • go-otelroundtripper

    1.6 5.1 Go
    Go http.RoundTripper that emits open telemetry metrics. This helps you easily get metrics for all external APIs you interact with.
  • go-req

    1.6 4.4 Go
    Declarative golang HTTP client
  • httpx

    1.0 1.0 Go
    Reliable HTTP for GoLang
  • httpc

    0.3 4.9 Go
    A customizable and simple HTTP client library. Only depend on the stdlib HTTP client.
  • go-retryablehttp

    - -
    Retryable HTTP client in Go.